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5 common period symptoms we dread

June 21, 2018
Irregular Periods

Every month the uterus dutifully prepares its lining in the hope of receiving a very special guest – the fertilised egg. If the visitor doesn’t arrive, the uterus has to divest itself of the lining, so that it can do the same thing all over again the next month. It’s what we ladies know as ‘menstrual cycle’ or ‘periods’  As though bleeding from the vagina 5 days a month, every month for 30-40 years of one’s life isn’t enough –…

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Community Mental Health

Menstrual awareness around the world

Don’t ‘beware’, just ‘be aware’ of menstruation. It’s safe to say that on any given day, 800 million women across the world are going through menstruation. All countries thus, have a responsibility to create an environment where menstruating women feel safe and taken care…

March 21, 2018
Menstrual synchrony – Can your periods sync?
Menstrual Health Periods

Menstrual synchrony – Can your periods sync?

Does Menstrual Synchrony exist? Do period cycles sync?  To put it simply – do females living together also get their periods together? Well, Martha McClintock cared enough about syncing periods to publish an entire paper on it, way back in 1971 and this was…

March 14, 2018
Image of an ancient Egyptian woman in a kemetic yoga pose
Community Debunking Myths

Revealing the history of the sanitary pad

Speak about the history of the sanitary pad or the evolution of the sanitary pad – and mention must be made of Herodotus, a Greek historian who is also grandly known as ‘the Father of History’. So, it’s hardly surprising that the history of…

February 14, 2018
Haldi kum-kum

Celebrating Haldi Kumkum Ceremony as a woman of today

January comes and then women all around the country gear up to celebrate haldi kumkum, a ceremony which follows Makar Sankranti – the first festival to kick-start the year. It also happens to be the only Hindu festival based on the position of the…

January 13, 2018
Menarche se Menopause Tak
Menstrual Health Periods

The menstrual journey – From menarche to menopause

Right, so in the journey of a uterus, there are two important milestones – Menarche (pronounced like ‘anarchy’ for some reason) and Menopause (pronounced ‘hot flashes’, ‘mood swings’ and ‘general misery’ for obvious reasons). The meaning of menarche is the beginning of the reproductive…

November 8, 2017