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Disha Vaswani

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Boost your productivity with a set morning routine!

January 22, 2020

Your morning routine pretty much sets the tone for your day ahead. What you do in the morning before you head out for work/college is crucial for your overall productivity but sadly, not many of us give it the attention it deserves. One need not be a morning person who wakes up at 4:00 am to put this to practice. Just, a few alterations and additions to your every day habits can make a huge difference. Besides, there’s science to…

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Menstrual Health Periods

What is Amenorrhea and how to tackle it?

Ever skipped your period 2-3 times in a row and then panicked? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Signs are that it could actually be Amenorrhea. Before the idea of possibly having Amenorrhea stresses you out, we’ll explain the concept to you in…

January 11, 2020
woman doing sit ups
Fitness Lifestyle

Fitness apps that can help you achieve your goals

Joining the fitness revolution can be a daunting task however, the perks that come with a healthy lifestyle are unmatched. There is a new trend in fitness apps or workout apps that can help you achieve your goals. Fitness never looked so easy! These…

December 14, 2019
sleep at ease
Menstrual Health Periods

How to sleep at ease during your period

When your period comes around it doesn’t just wreak havoc on your mood and give you unbearable period pain, but also ends up affecting your sleep cycle. All of us want a good night’s sleep during our period but feel like it’s unachievable. Read…

October 26, 2019
body positivity

What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity, a term we have all come across a several times living in the times we are. Still, how many of us actually know what it means? Body positivity is the very act of accepting your own body, and the bodies of others…

October 13, 2019