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Welcome to the Nua experience!


A. Product

1. How have Nua pads been designed?

Nua sanitary pads have been designed to meet the needs of Indian women based on our extensive research and feedback received from hundreds of women in India. Our design team includes global product design experts.

2. What are the benefits of soft and dry pads?

Unlike most pads in the market, Nua offers the comfort of softness without compromising dryness. The soft cottony top layer of Nua pads provides an irritation free experience while the multi-layered design provides improved absorption, keeping the surface dry.

3. Why do Nua pads have a wider back?

Wider-back pads essentially have extra wings at the back end of the pad that provide additional leakage protection. These pads also provide more comfort and protection during the night.

4. How do Nua pads help minimize skin irritation and rashes?

Apart from the soft top layer that helps minimize skin irritation, our pads do not have a perfumed or printed top layer, unlike other products in the market. This helps prevent harmful chemicals coming into direct contact with the skin.

5. Are Nua pads quality tested?

Absolutely. Nua pads are being manufactured at state of the art factories in South Korea, and have been tested both there and in India by accredited laboratories. 

6. When do I use Heavy Flow, Medium Flow and Light Flow Pads?

The choice of the Heavy, Medium and Light Flow pads on different days is specific to each woman’s flow pattern. The suggestion below is only indicative:

Heavy Flow Pads are the largest of our pads. They are best suited for days when the flow is at its maximum, typically the first two days of your period.

Medium Flow Pads are mid sized pads best suited for days when your flow begins to reduce, typically on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.

Light Flow Pads are small in size. They can be used on the last few days of the periods when your flow is at its minimum level.

7. How often should I change my pad during my period?

It is clinically recommended that you change your sanitary pads at least once every 6-8 hours.

8. How do I dispose my pads after use?

Each Nua pad comes in an individual disposal cover with a re-sealable flap. After use, place the pad into the disposal cover, seal the flap and toss it into a bin.

B. Subscription and Payments

1. How do Nua subscriptions work?

Finalize your selection (your unique assortment of pads, the quantity of boxes you would like delivered and your preferred frequency of delivery), and place your order. Your customised order will then be delivered to you every month, two or three months as per your choice. Just like clockwork! You will need to create an account to manage your subscriptions and deliveries.

2. When do I get billed?

Billing will be done 8 days before your delivery date.

3. How can I modify my subscription?

Simply log in to your account to modify any of your subscription details. Be sure to make modifications at least 8 days before your delivery date.

4. Can I pause the delivery any month?

Yes, if you do not want your subscription delivered to you any particular month or months, you can select the pause button on the My Accounts page, 8 days before your delivery date. Please remember to reactivate your subscription whenever you would like it to restart.

5. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want on the My Accounts page. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will be charged only for orders for which billing has already been done. 

C. Delivery

1. When will my product get delivered?

Your first shipment will be delivered to you within eight days of signing up. Subsequent deliveries will be made as per your desired frequency, every month, or every two or three months.

2. Do you charge for shipping?

No. Shipping is absolutely free.

3. What should I do if I find that the product is damaged during delivery?

We have taken sufficient care to ensure that your product is delivered to you without any damages. However, if you do receive your delivery in a damaged condition, kindly write to us at care@nuawoman.com and we will ship you a new pack without any additional charges

4. What do I do if I need my pads before the delivery date on a particular month?

In case you want the product to be delivered to you before your delivery date on any particular month, kindly write to us at care@nuawoman.com.

5. What if I do not like the product and want to return it?

We are sure you will love Nua, but we understand that you may have different preferences. However, given that Nua is a hygiene product, we cannot accept product returns.