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Create your pack

Select your assortment of pads, for your heavy, medium and light flow days. Pick the suggested configuration if you’re unsure. You can always change it in your next order.


Build your subscription

Choose how many packs you need, and how often you would like your order delivered. Remember: If you need more or fewer packs the next time, you can always modify your order.

How to pay

Automated payments

Paying for your Nua experience is a simple process : Just use your credit card to automate payments. We’ll let you know each time before we’re shipping your order and charging your card. Once you’ve set it up, we’ll make sure your order reaches you every time you need it like clockwork.

Need another option? Use prompted payments.

Don’t have a credit card? You can choose from a variety of alternative payment options including debit cards, netbanking and select wallets. We’ll prompt you each time your order is ready.

“The auto-debit functionality was quite hassle-free,
and the packs showed up”
- Rohini Chatterjee

No commitments

Whichever payment method you choose, you can always modify,
pause or cancel your plan at any time. No risk, no stress, no obligations.