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What is Amenorrhea and how to tackle it?

Ever skipped your period 2-3 times in a row and then panicked? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Signs are that it could actually be Amenorrhea. Before the idea of possibly having Amenorrhea stresses you out, we’ll explain the concept to you in…

January 11, 2020
sleep at ease
Menstrual Health Periods

How to sleep at ease during your period

When your period comes around it doesn’t just wreak havoc on your mood and give you unbearable period pain, but also ends up affecting your sleep cycle. All of us want a good night’s sleep during our period but feel like it’s unachievable. Read…

October 26, 2019
Community Menstrual Health Periods

Menstrual Leave – Yay or Nay?

The opinions on Menstrual Leave are innumerable and have been constantly changing as time has passed. Some women strongly believe that they should get a few days off from work during their menstrual cycle. They hope that paid menstrual leave or sick leave for…

August 3, 2019