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Debunking Myths Menstrual Health

4 festivals in India that celebrate women and menstruation

September 29, 2020
4 festivals which show how India celebrates women and menstruation

One of the most significant aspects of menstruation is that it marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood. In the old days, this transition was marked by a period of celebration as the elders claimed that the girl is now as fertile as nature. Over the course of time, however, menstruation not only became a taboo but several myths began to emerge from half-baked tales, most of which lacked authenticity. There are still several places in India which celebrate menstruation…

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Menstrual Health Periods

The importance of menstrual hygiene

Female menstrual hygiene and menstrual care is important, not just during your periods but otherwise too! During your periods keeping your genitals clean is imperative. Women are generally more susceptible to bacterial infections during their period because of the change in the vagina’s PH…

July 29, 2018
Meeting the gynaecologist
Menstrual Health PMS

Decoding Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Around 90% of women experience some symptoms of PMS during their period. While PMS has the unique capability to bond women together, it can also draw them apart from everyone else. PMS is often misconstrued because of the ambiguous symptoms it entails. Premenstrual syndrome…

July 22, 2018
Irregular Periods
Menstrual Health PMS

5 common period symptoms we dread

Every month the uterus dutifully prepares its lining in the hope of receiving a very special guest – the fertilised egg. If the visitor doesn’t arrive, the uterus has to divest itself of the lining, so that it can do the same thing all…

June 21, 2018
Menstrual Health PCOD/PCOS

PCOD – here’s what you need to know!

“PCOD”; you’ve possibly heard the abbreviation being used quite frequently. While we know that it is a disorder associated with menstruation, we don’t realise how common it is. More often than not, PCOD/PCOS goes undetected for a long period of time due to a…

June 9, 2018
Community Mental Health

Menstrual awareness around the world

Don’t ‘beware’, just ‘be aware’ of menstruation. It’s safe to say that on any given day, 800 million women across the world are going through menstruation. All countries thus, have a responsibility to create an environment where menstruating women feel safe and taken care…

March 21, 2018
Menarche se Menopause Tak
Menstrual Health Periods

The menstrual journey – From menarche to menopause

Right, so in the journey of a uterus, there are two important milestones – Menarche (pronounced like ‘anarchy’ for some reason) and Menopause (pronounced ‘hot flashes’, ‘mood swings’ and ‘general misery’ for obvious reasons). The meaning of menarche is the beginning of the reproductive…

November 8, 2017