5 ways to ensure intimate hygiene during period sex
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5 ways to ensure intimate hygiene during period sex

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While some women might not be comfortable with the idea of period sex, imagining the mess, some don’t mind a little pleasure. However, every woman likes to take the edge off once in a while. 

Having intercourse while menstruating has its own benefits. Irrespective of having a good time, one should not risk safety and take all necessary precautions. One of which is hygiene. 

Let’s get InSync with 5 ways to maintain hygiene during period sex: 

1. Keep your towels & tissues handy

Period sex can get messy and we all like to keep our sheets stain-free. The solution is simple – keep towels by the bed. Use a dark-coloured towel and lay it on the bed before you get started. Once done, put it in the wash. On the other hand, tissues or handkerchiefs can also help make the process cleaner. Sex already involves secretion of many fluids and tissues or handkerchief can be useful to manage the mess easily. 

2. Practice safe sex

While menstruating, the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases are high. Safe sex is important for you and your partner’s health. Using condoms would keep you from having an unwanted pregnancy.

Note: It is always a good idea to consult a medical professional on how to practice safe sex, irrespective of periods. 

3. Do it during lighter flow

Having sex when your flow is lighter would limit the mess without you having to compromise. This is the best time to do it if you are not comfortable with the idea of period sex but would still like to give it a try. Usually, the flow is less on the third and fourth day or it may differ as per your menstrual cycle – you know the best. 

4. Use blankets to block out the odour

We understand that period odour can make you conscious and worried in front of your partner. Blankets come to the rescue. Lay some blankets on your body keeping the lower portion open. Using them can help to block the odour and not hinder you while you have a good time. 

5. Shower to seal the deal

Whether periods or not – a shower after sex is a necessity. Irrespective of ensuring all measures to have clean period sex, a shower is one crucial step to assure your post-sex hygiene ritual. Even though the vagina is self-cleaning, a good warm shower would benefit you by cleaning your vulva. It also makes you feel relaxed and calm. Make sure to use gentle products as the skin down there needs utmost care.

You can also try Nua’s Foaming Intimate Wash that eliminates bacteria, prevents infection, and helps you have a healthy vulva. Now you’re all set to have clean period sex without having to feel awkward and uncomfortable. But most importantly, exercise consent and communicate with your partner on having sex while menstruating before you dive into it. You can also read up on content about sexual health written by our experts right here.

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