Butt Acne – Everything you need to know
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Butt Acne – Everything you need to know

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What is butt acne?

Butt acne, as it’s commonly known, is not actually pimples or acne vulgaris breaking out on the skin but an inflammation of the hair follicles caused by friction which results in red bumps and pus pimples on the skin.

But, how is it caused?

Butt acne is caused by the friction or the rubbing of tight garments against the skin for elongated hours. These outbreaks are further heightened during summers when the pores secrete sweat and grime.

Here are a few causes:

1. Tight-fitting clothing

Your favorite pair of skinny jeans and leggings can be instrumental in butt acne. Tight-fitting clothes not only cause friction against your skin, but it also traps sweat and oil against your backside and makes it more likely to block those hair follicles, leading skin inflammation that causes bumps on your butt.

Opt for loose pants/trousers/shorts in non-synthetic fabrics, especially during summers to avoid butt acne.

2. Underwear

Underwear worn for over 12 hours can clog pores as the fabric accumulates sweat and grime overtime, causing friction and irritation. Make sure you change your undies regularly and wear a clean one each time. Steering clear of synthetic material will help to a great extent.

3. Sitting too much

Inflamed hair follicles are caused by friction or irritation. So too much booty-to-chair time can make things worse. If your job requires you to be at the desk for long hours, make a conscious effort to get up and walk around, in fresh air, if possible.

4. Staying in your workout clothes for long hours

Your sweat can dry over your pores and leave bumps in their wake. Slip out of your sweaty workout and take a cold shower as soon as you can. The faster you clean yourself off the sweat, the lesser is the chance for bacteria to breed on your skin.

Here are some quick, non-clinical tips that can help you combat butt acne, leaving you with baby-soft skin:

1. Antibacterial soap

Either shower with an antibacterial soap or use an antibacterial deodorant, especially during the heat. The Benzoyl Peroxide content in these products will help reduce inflammation and prevent bacterial growth.

2. Lactic acid lotion

Lactic acid lotion such as Lacto Calamine helps loosen and slough away dead skin cells. Commonly available at drugstores, lactic acid lotions will help you get a softer, smoother butt on account of their exfoliation properties.

3. Avoid scrubbing

While it is beneficial to scrub your body during a shower, scrubbing your butt is not advisable. Scrubbing skin as sensitive as that without taking a proper look at the degree of damage will worsen the situation.

4. Seek professional help

While it is absolutely common to have butt acne, in case you feel the bumps sting a little more than usual or if you feel they’re growing in number, it is best to show yourself to a dermatologist/gynaecologist. Don’t shy away from it.

We hope we’ve answered all your queries around butt acne. If there’s anything more that you’d like to know, share it in the comments section below.

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