Facial exercises and face yoga

Face yoga: Facial exercises for glowing skin

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We’ve all been told about the importance and benefits of regular exercises for the body and mind but have you heard of a workout for your face? Facial exercises or face yoga has been buzzing about as the new way to get glowing skin, but what does it exactly do for your face?

How Do Facial Exercises Work?

Facial exercises and face yoga work on the muscles on your face to increase their strength. While you do them, you’re actually helping to re-contour your face in a small way. As we age, the more collagen we lose, which results in sagging, dull skin. Building up your face muscles will plump up spots that would normally see a reduction in collagen in the aging process.

Benefits of facial exercises:

  • Release tension from the jaw
  • Drains excess fluid from the face
  • Relaxes your facial muscles
  • Stimulates blood flow for glowing skin

Now, even though you cannot make fine lines disappear overnight, daily facial exercises can help reduce their appearance and prevent more over a period of time. Consistency is key, so make sure once you start your daily face yoga, you maintain the routine to see good results.

Here are the best face yoga moves you can practice for glowing skin:

Fish Lips

Face yoga pose - Fish Lips
  • Suck in your cheeks like a fish, with your lips pursed.
  • With your lips still pursed, smile as hard as you can. (Lindh says to try and relax every other part of your face, like your eyes, while doing this.)
  • Hold for 10 seconds and then relax
  • Repeat this four times, once a day.

Kissy face

Facial exercise pose - Fish Lips
  • Pout your lips like you’re about to kiss someone.
  • Smile as hard as you can with your lips still pursed. (Make sure to keep your eyes relaxed.)
  • Hold for 10 seconds and then let go
  • Repeat this four times, once a day.

The Whistler

Face yoga pose - whistler
  • Make an “O” with your lips, like you’re going to whistle.
  • Smile as hard as you can, with your lips still forward in the “O” shape.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and then relax

If you’re concerned about facial exercises causing wrinkles, focus on relaxing your body while doing them. Just focus on the muscle group being targeted during each face yoga move. While it could take a few days to get used to it, you’ll be able to control the muscles for your facial exercises better.

Glowing, healthy skin is always in! If you’re looking to get that glow on your face, try these moves and see a difference in your already beautiful face 🙂

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