Feeling blue during your period? – Know the causes & solutions
MenstruationPeriods and PMS

Feeling blue during your period? – Know the causes & solutions

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Feeling blue during your period has become such a part & parcel of our lives, that we’ve almost made peace with it. However, if we try & understand why we feel sad the way we do, we can overcome this feeling and those 5 days of the month can be less cumbersome.

We asked our Nua woman community to share with us how they would describe this feeling and, here’s what a few of them had to say:

Majority of the responses had to do with feeling sad, depressed, frustrated, irritated, angry, and sometimes, entirely empty. This emotional rollercoaster adversely affects our behavior and can make us feel hopeless at times.

Many of them told us that they even lose the motivation and desire for all things they love because the cramps and mood swings leaves them feeling mentally drained.

We’re always left wondering,

‘Why do we go through this dreaded phase?’

1. Hormones!

Perhaps the biggest culprit – our hormones! During our period our hormones are on an overdrive. Our testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels keep fluctuating and this leads to all those mood swings and worse – feelings of acute sadness. But there is a more significant hormone at play here, which brings us to our next point –

2. Serotonin takes a vacation

The lowering of estrogen leads to a decrease in serotonin – the hormone responsible for happiness and good feelings. This lack of serotonin can make us feel hopelessly sad and worsen our situation.

3. Chasing sleep

Our period also makes sleeping a practically impossible task. It’s not your fault, but the lack of sleep can make us irritable and moody. Our body’s inability to regulate body temperature during periods makes sleep a distant dream and a good mood also seems like a reach.

4. Pain is the mortal enemy

Those soul-wrenching period cramps during can sometimes not even allow us to think straight. Our threshold for pain during our period is already decreased, adding cramps on top of this is like a dagger to the gut. It’s no wonder that we may feel sad or depressed; pain can do that to anyone.

But fear not, there are things you can do to help change these blues.

1. Channel your energies elsewhere

While this may be hard to do, doing a relaxing task like listening to music, reading a book or watching your favourite feel-good film can do wonders to lift your mood! However, if this isn’t your scene…

2. Exercise can be quite a painkiller

Some of us need to be on the move to help lift our spirits, and exercise is the best option! Whether it is walking, cycling, Pilates or lifting heavy weights, find something that works for you and feel your mood instantly lift.

3. Healthy diet for a healthy mind

Getting in your daily required nutrients will ensure that you stay not just physically fit, but mentally well too. Indulging in your favourite sugary snacks once in a while is alright, but remember that balance is key! Don’t forget your greens too.

4. All you need is a friend

If all else fails, instead of feeling blue during your period just talking to a loved one can help elevate your mood. Whether it’s a parent, friend, significant other or anything in between, talking out your feelings can help you feel better and get a heavyweight off your chest.

Remember, you are not alone and these feelings, thoughts, and emotions are entirely temporary!

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