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International Women’s Day: Prioritise menstrual wellness in the workplace

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On International Women’s Day, it’s a moment to reflect on the importance of supporting and empowering women in the workplace. This year, let’s go beyond the ordinary and embrace a more meaningful approach to corporate gifting. At Nua, we believe in nurturing well-being, especially when it comes to menstrual health. With our Women at Work offering, we aim to provide inclusive employers with thoughtful gifts that prioritize the menstrual wellness of the women in their teams.

The 360° Capsule Series: Understanding Periods Holistically:

This International Women’s Day, the least we can do as inclusive employers is to help the women in our teams prioritize their menstrual wellness. Our 360° Capsule Series goes beyond traditional notions of periods, offering a holistic understanding that encompasses more than just bleeding. Each session starts with a 5-minute introduction and concludes with a wrap-up of key learnings. Participants can submit questions through a survey link, and our expert will address them post-session. It’s a comprehensive approach to menstrual health education that empowers women with knowledge and support.

The Workplace Toolkit: Enhancing Menstrual Health at the Office:

Our Workplace Toolkit is designed to enhance menstrual health in the office environment, providing women with the support they need to feel comfortable and confident throughout their cycle. Whether it’s managing cramps, staying fresh, or boosting mood, our kits have everything covered. Let’s take a closer look at the offerings:

The Indulgence Kit is a comprehensive solution that addresses a wide range of menstrual health needs. It includes essentials such as Cramp Comfort Heat Patches, Sanitary Pads, and Period Pain Relief Drink Mixes to alleviate discomfort and provide maximum protection and comfort during menstruation. Additionally, the kit features Intimate Wipes for freshness and an Acne Healing Patch for skincare needs, promoting overall well-being. The Mood Balancing Essential Oil offers aromatherapy benefits, creating a soothing and calming atmosphere in the workplace. With the Nua Guide and Multi-purpose pouch included, women have access to valuable information and resources, conveniently packaged for on-the-go u

For those seeking a complete menstrual health solution, the Complete Comfort Kit offers all the essentials found in the Indulgence Kit, providing women with comprehensive support throughout their menstrual cycle. From alleviating cramps to maintaining hygiene and promoting relaxation, this kit ensures that women feel comfortable and empowered to tackle their workday with confidence.

The Wellness Kit focuses on promoting overall well-being and productivity during menstruation. Featuring Cramp Comfort Heat Patches, Sanitary Pads, and Period Pain Relief Drink Mixes, this kit provides relief from menstrual discomfort while supporting women’s energy levels and mood. The Mood Balancing Essential Oil adds a therapeutic touch, helping to create a positive and harmonious work environment. With the Multi-purpose pouch and Productive cards included, women can stay organized and focused on their tasks, enhancing their productivity and efficiency at work.

Lastly, the Essentials Kit offers a streamlined solution for basic menstrual health needs. With Cramp Comfort Heat Patches, Sanitary Pads, Period Pain Relief Drink Mixes, and Productive cards, this kit provides essential support for managing menstrual discomfort and maintaining productivity in the workplace. It’s a practical option for women seeking simplicity and convenience in their menstrual care routine.


This International Women’s Day, let’s make a meaningful difference in the lives of the women in our teams. With Nua’s Women at Work offering, we can prioritize their menstrual wellness and show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Together, let’s foster an inclusive workplace where every woman feels supported, valued, and empowered to thrive.

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