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New Year Resolutions for 2019

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Do you ever feel like you start the new year ready to reinvent your life, only to find that a month later, you’ve given up on things you planned and are living a life that’s almost identical from last year? Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s the same old resolutions that everyone makes and hence you don’t feel like keeping it up past January.

New year resolutions
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Here are 5 resolutions or new year goals that won’t overwhelm you and will definitely make you want to follow them for the whole year.

  1. Donate to a worthy cause: Set the resolution to do good for others in the upcoming year. After all, you won’t just be benefiting those you help; you will also be benefiting yourself. Donating can give you a sense of purpose, make your life more meaningful, increase your self-esteem, and make you happier. In 2019, get a helper’s high by donating.
  2. Set a goal for every month: Rather than saying I’ll be thin by the end of summer, set smaller and more concrete goals. At the end of the month, reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Ask yourself why it didn’t happen. Enjoying the feeling on the last day of the month? Add a new goal for the next month.
  3. Read one book a month: Reading is an amazing habit to keep. It not only takes you to another world but also enlightens you about things. So, take the effort to load up your Kindle or carry a book around and feel free to read a page or two whenever you have some free time.
  4. Make your diet more colourful: It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables can help you succeed with your weight loss goals, not to mention the array of nutrients you feed your body. These colourful benefits can strengthen your immune system, promote a healthy heart, create radiant skin, and even help you live longer.
  5. Face your fears: As cliché as this sounds, overcoming your fears is actually a big thing! The feeling is something you can’t put into words. You could try it and see!
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A New Year is like a blank notebook. You get to write anything you want in it. Go on and fill the first page of your notebook with your New Year’s resolutions. Good luck and have a wonderful year ahead!

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