New year resolutions for your mental health
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New year resolutions for your mental health

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Holidays are a time to relax, meet friends and family, and celebrate the oncoming year. As December sets in, our schedules are full with weddings, Christmas commitments, and plans for the New Year, adding to our already pre-existing plans. However, this can add a significant amount of pressure on many. So, it’s time to take some control and inculcate a few new year resolutions to help better one’s mental health.

Try to prioritize

Months leading up to the end of the year come with various plans. It is important to try and think about what really matters – what is important to you. For many of us, our innate personality is to please everybody. However, it is extremely important to be realistic and remember that we can never please everybody or do it all 24/7. Consequently, we may not like it, but we have to learn to say no. It is important to prioritize events and commitments so that we don’t feel overwhelmed.

Set aside a budget

All the weddings, parties, and gifts during the holiday season can be quite heavy on the pocket. It is therefore important to set aside a budget in advance, which is suitable for you as part of a later new year resolution. Try and focus on what you can manage rather than comparing yourself to others around you. The more we are mindful and focused on ourselves, the less negative we will feel, and the better our mental health will be. 

Reach out

If you feel left out or lonely, it is important to reach out to friends or family. Oftentimes, months after the holiday season bring isolation with it as we may not feel part of plans being made anymore. It is necessary to remind ourselves to simply reach out. Nowadays, websites, social support groups, etc. can also provide alternatives for support and companionship. Similarly, if you are feeling overly stressed, reach out to someone to talk this through. There is no need to suffer alone and absolutely no shame in reaching out for help. 

Stick to some healthy habits

Despite the hectic schedule, it is crucial to stick to some healthy habits as part of your new year resolutions. As much as possible, try to get plenty of sleep, minimize screen time one hour before sleep (and when waking up), and try to eat healthy foods – especially at home. Further, try to stick to a general weekday routine so you still have some semblance of control in your life. Lastly, try to get some form of exercise at least thrice a week, if not more. 

Keep some time for yourself 

Whether it is the holiday season or not it is imperative to keep some time for yourself in 2023 as a new year resolution. As a general rule, try to keep the first 30 minutes of the day to yourself, where you have time to wake up, practice some mindfulness and plan your day. Similarly throughout the day, try to provide yourself some ‘me-time’ which may include activities of self-care, fun, or achievement. If you find your days extremely overwhelming, try going for a walk, listening to soothing music, watching something you like, or giving your body some rest. 

Seek professional help

Despite your best efforts, if you are finding it extremely difficult to cope – it is extremely important you seek a professional who can help you. There is no shame in asking for help and it is important to remember that there is no need to suffer alone. 

Our experts work round the clock to provide you with the answers that you are looking for. If you have any, leave them in the comment section below or send us a DM at @nuawoman. This is a safe space so don’t hold back on any doubts you may have about your body and mind.

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