Ovulation cycle affects your dating behavior
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Ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour. How & Why?

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We go through many changes during our menstrual cycle including ones that are physical, emotional and mental. Research has found that the different stages of the cycle affect your dating behaviour! The menstrual cycle consists of 4 stages – menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal. Most of the shifts in behavior are mainly seen before, during or after the ovulation phase. This is a result of hormonal imbalances and an increase of luteinizing hormones in our bodies.*

Our community members were curious to know more about the topic, so to address their questions, we decided to write this article.

how and why the ovulation cycle affects our dating behavior

Let’s see how and why the ovulation cycle affects our dating behaviour in such small yet significant ways:

Exploring and embracing femininity

Ovulation comes as an end to all mood swings experienced during menstruation, all thanks to the oestrogen boost that cheers us up and brightens our mood. This gives us the perfect reason to embrace our feminine side and treat ourselves.

So, put on a cute outfit, play a little dress-up, and feel confident and beautiful!. 

Ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour

Fertility in the clouds

With the changing phases of the menstrual cycle, women experience subtle psychological, behavioral and physiological changes. A woman’s fertility is at its peak during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle and departs with ovulation*.  

This phase is also perfect for women who are trying to conceive. With the fertility window open, hormonal imbalances can not only affect existing relationships but also play a role in forming new ones. 

The right time to match

With the fertility window open, i.e., a few days before ovulation, women experience an increase in their libido. This is mostly because reproductive hormones such as testosterone are released and oestrogen is at its peak.* 

During this phase, the female body sends many signals – some are physical whereas some are completely invisible to everyone, including to one’s own self. This also affects how we choose our partner and the qualities we look for in that person.  

A better sense of smell

It is not possible to identify a fertile woman with naked eyes as fertility has no physical appearance. However, apart from the blushy cheeks, our sense of smell also sharpens. 

A woman’s desired partner can sense fertility through pheromones in the natural scent that we release during and around ovulation. The pheromones released by a woman during her ovulation phase are said to be desirable such as developing a higher pitch voice.

Ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour

We hope this gave you the confidence boost you deserved today! Put yourself out there and remember to have some fun!

Be it any phase of the menstrual cycle, a woman is always more than enough even on days when she doesn’t look or feel her best. In order to feel great consistently, one should take care of their body and mind.

(For reference:

*How your cycle affects your sex drive

*Women’s sexual behaviour linked to ovulation)

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