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Ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour. How & Why?

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Did you ever think that your taste in men is determined by your ovulation cycle? Well yes, you read that right! Research has found that different stages of your ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour. The various personalities of men that women find attractive keeps changing through their cycles; apart from the way women dress and present themselves.

Ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour

We asked within the Nua community if they had any questions regarding this topic and they were mighty curious. We’ve tried to address all your queries in our blog below. So, read on to know more.

A typical ovulation cycle consists of about four stages – menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. Most of the shift in behaviour is mainly seen before, during or after the ovulation phase. Also, it has been found that going on or off any birth control pills causes a shift in behaviour too.

Let’s see how and why the ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour in such small yet significant ways:
Women turn-up their femininity

Around the time of ovulation or the ovulation period, women tend to get more ‘feminine’. Generically speaking, this is more attractive for men too. Women choose more glamorous clothing in an effort to dress to impress. Women subconsciously attract the man they find most desirable and make efforts to convince him to stay for the long haul during their ovulation days. Some research even stated that most women looked their best during mid-cycles. Now you know the best time to get your next profile picture taken!

Ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour

Attracted to more masculine features

A few days prior to ovulation, women start getting attracted to more masculine features. A nice, chiselled jawline, deeper and huskier voices, a body in great shape and most importantly – gentlemanly personalities. Women have the ability to choose their most desirable and compatible partners during this phase of the cycle. Especially if you’re in a long term relationship, this phase of your cycle helps you be reassured of your partner and the relationship.

Women are also more likely to cheat!

Unfortunately, for the ones that don’t want to believe it – research has found that women tend to find men other than their partners more attractive, while they’re on high fertility. This happens during ovulation and a few days before that as well. This desire is heightened because other men find women more attractive during their fertile period. Women can sometimes subconsciously sense that attention and get swayed by hormonal imbalance. So, women – be careful and watch out for this one!

Fertile women are more attractive to men

Men also find themselves having a higher affinity towards women who are fertile. They can sense the fertility through pheromones in the natural scent that we release. The pheromones released by a woman during her ovulation phase attracts more men. Women also develop higher-pitched voices, which again most men are drawn towards.

Ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour

So ladies, now that you know how the ovulation cycle affects your dating behaviour, you can work on those dating profiles and plan those shopping sprees, accordingly 😉

Do let us know if you have any further questions on the subject and what you thought about this blog in the comments section below.

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