Periods and age- All the changes to expect
MenstruationPeriods and PMS

Periods and age- All the changes to expect

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Periods can be painful and most of us, cringe at the thought of our period. Most women hate their period for 2 reasons – unpredictability and the symptoms that come with it.

Let’s look at how periods and age are related- What changes your menstruation undergoes with age!

Periods in your 20s

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These are the years when your periods will mellow down with regards to irregularity. They won’t be as erratic and sudden as they were in your teen years. During our teenage years, we don’t ovulate regularly and hence undergoing irregular periods. However, with a regular period, the symptoms are regular too. You will start experiencing breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, and various other premenstrual symptoms.

Now, the last and final change you may experience is due to contraceptive pills. As many women start a healthy sex life in their 20s, many opt for hormonal contraception too. Doing so can make your periods get more regular and even lighter.

Periods in your 30s

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This is the age when your period is regular, evened out and any change, for example, heavier flow, may require a trip to the doctor. Cases of endometriosis and fibroids are also common when you are in your 30s. Another major change you may experience is related to childbirth. Since many women have kids in their 30s, pregnancy can alter a woman’s period cycle completely. PMS symptoms can also change after the childbirth. Chances of getting rid of cramps are pretty high! This happens because after giving birth, the cervical opening becomes larger. Hence, the contractions are milder.

Periods in your 40s

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This is the time when you’re heading towards the end! There will be a lot of irregularities in the form of missed periods or spotting between periods. This phase is known as perimenopausal phase and it is all about unpredictability. During this time, your PMS symptoms may get worse as they’ll be clashing with perimenopausal symptoms. You’ll be facing more erratic mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats and they can be either, PMS or perimenopausal symptoms.

We hope this article helps you and answers all your questions. However, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. We at Nua try our best to make your period as comfortable as we can. Customise a pack of Nua on

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