10 public toilet hacks you need
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10 public toilet hacks you need

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We all have had moments when we need to answer nature’s call and have no choice but to use a public toilet. They can be traumatising for genital hygiene when they are dirty. Public toitel hygiene is notorious in nature for they are crawling with germs. The question on everyone’s mind is ‘How to use public toilets effectively?

However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Here are some toilet hygiene hacks that will make your experience using a public toilet tab bit better!

1. Use the stall closest to the entrance: Somehow, this stall is always the least used one.

2. Flush Smartly: The flush button is a breeding ground for bacteria since people touch the flush button before washing their hands. To avoid getting in contact with bacteria, wrap toilet paper around your finger and then press the button.

3. Don’t leave your bags on the floor: Either you wear your bag or hang it behind the door since the floor is dirty because of the bacteria. If you put your bags on the floor, you’d be carrying bacteria back home.

4. Don’t touch the bathroom door handle without toilet paper: Door handles are also a breeding ground for germs. To avoid getting in contact with germs, wrap toilet paper around your fingers and after leaving the stall, throw it in the bin immediately.

Here are some hacks tried and tested by our #NuaWomen:

5. Khyati says, “Squats are the way to do it” and we couldn’t agree more!

6. Tanni says, “Use toilet seat sanitizer and use tissue paper while touching toilet seat in case you have to”.

7. Shambhavii says, “Spread toilet paper on the seat before sitting”.

8. Kajol says, “Use Indian toilet when you have the option”.

9. Kaur says, “Clean the seat before sitting down with a sanitising spray”.

10. Nityasri says, “Hover, always; or use the Indian toilet”.

There you go! Do you have any other toilet hygiene tips to share for genital hygiene and how to use public toilets effectively? Comment down below.

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