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Real Period Stories: A Nua collection!

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Period cramps and mood swings signal that your period is approaching but when we asked the women at Nua what their prominent period stories and experiences were, they proved to be quite infamous! Either their period shows up completely unannounced or it’s like clockwork; super predictable. Over the years, women have had to learn to listen to clues their bodies unveil to prepare themselves for their upcoming periods.

Here are some period stories from Team Nua…

Period Stories: Ahilya

Ahilya recounts her most prominent period story from when she was in school. “I didn’t know I was supposed to get my period and was not prepared for it.” She was going to play basketball when some boys started laughing at the stain on the back of her blue uniform skirt. That’s when a senior approached her and suggested that she get changed at the nurse’s office, five floors below. “This experience definitely made me more conscious about myself and my ‘womanhood’.”

We’ve all experienced a version of surprised period stories. No matter what, you can never be too prepared for an approaching period. Even women working daily jobs are often surprised and their period stories are testament to that!

Period Stories: Diya

Diya remembers a period story from work; an hour after getting to work and completing a few tasks, she knew she would have to attend a meeting that could potentially run long. That’s why she decided to go change her pad before it started. “I’m one of the lucky ones, my cramps aren’t too bad and apart from bloating, I am mostly able to go about my life as per usual.” That’s when she realized she had a huge stain on her pants. “The last time this happened, I was in school, so the whole event left me shaken. Luckily, my bosses were kind and allowed me to go home.”

While Diya’s bosses were open and understanding of periods, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their experience.

Period Stories: Manasi

Manasi, before working at Nua, was employed at an event agency. Since it was her first job and because there were so many men around her, she didn’t want to let her period stop her. “My first day is very difficult as I get severe cramps and it’s difficult for me to even stand. All I want to do is sleep.” But she pushed through, as uncomfortable as it made her.

While these period stories and experiences can be challenging, they always teach you something and make you better prepared for the next time your period shows up.

Period Stories: Shreya

Shreya experienced a lot of changes in her period cycle in 2019, leaving her with many period stories to share. “I remember it was one of those working days where stopping work wasn’t an option only because deadlines needed to be met.” She was restless and itchy the entire time but she had to perform to deliver. “Looking back, I wish I wasn’t rigid and had told my peers that I needed a break.” I should have voiced it. I wish I had paused for a while but I’m glad I somehow pulled through it.”

Period Stories: Nihitha

Nihitha remembers a similar period story where her period fatigue forced her to take a break and lie down for a few minutes. “All I received were unsympathetic looks and comments even though I worked in a women-dominated company.” That compelled her to pretend she was okay and carry on with work; “I wish I had more confidence and stood up for myself rather than bearing the pain and not asking for sick leave. Today, at Nua, I am able to talk openly about my struggles and take a sick leave whenever I have to. My current coworkers also understand what I am going through and are sympathetic towards my period stories.” 

Remember that it is always okay to ask for help and let your peers know when you need help. Listen to your body and #GoWithYourFlow!

Period stories: Sharana

A few days after working at Nua, Sharana was leaving the office to meet with someone. That’s when her period arrived. She rushed to the washroom to put a pad on but there was a huge line. “The others in the queue noticed my discomfort, and perhaps thanks to an unspoken bond between women, they guessed it was my period!” All of them stepped aside to let her go before them even though they had been waiting for their turn before her.

This is the lesson we believe your period is teaching you; listen to what your body needs and put yourself first! Period stories can also show you that you are not alone in this. People around you who menstruate understand what you are going through and are happy to help you #GoWithYourFlow.

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