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3 teenage parenting tips you need

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As a parent, you’ve been through all the phases with your kid – the poop and vomit, the first day of school, the switch from absolute dependency to the almost sadness with the slightest independence. You’re about to take on a whole new challenge of teenage parenting when it comes to teenagers. It’s a phase that is as confusing for you as it is for your children, so we’re here to share some parenting tips!

Your kids’ teenage years can be quite tough on them, hence tough on you too. Puberty has just about hit. Hormones are doing their number, the other kids are forming ideas of what’s ‘acceptable’ and what isn’t. Topics like periods and sex are now on the table to be discussed. Your child is uncontrollably moody and unfortunately, distant. As a parent, we must be aware of issues like teen depression as well.

At a time like this, as a parent of a rebellious teenager, you would have to maintain a very delicate balance. You want to be the first one your child comes to with a question, which means the correct answers have to be ready. The advantage we have is that we’ve obviously been through that same exact phase. We know what it feels like. And just to help you out more, here are some parenting tips, advice and tricks from us and your community of Nua Women:

1) Be the First:

The first one to open the conversation. If you’re not going to start talking about all the ‘”uncomfortable” issues, your kid will never feel comfortable enough to come to you with questions. There is definite value for teen parents in sitting out children down, letting them know that they are going to go through biological and hormonal changes.

Having “the talk” is absolutely crucial.

2) It’s time to treat them like adults:
This positive parenting tip means being there as a friend, allotting and trusting them with responsibilities, letting them decide what they can and cannot do. It’s important to allow them to make their own decisions to a certain extent and being there when they make mistakes. 

3) Let them make their own mistakes:

As protective as you want to be, it’s time to let go. It’s time to let your child make his or her own mistakes. Constantly trying to teach a lesson is going to push your child away and make them feel rebellious. As a parent, it’s essential to help your child weigh out the pros and cons and leave it to them to decide what they would like to do.  It definitely is  hard as parents to do so but it would contribute to maintaining a healthy relationship with your child.

We hope these tips are useful! Do you have more to share? Comment down below. Don’t forget to leave your questions as well.

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