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Travelling on your period? What to pack for a comfortable trip

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Checking your period app before planning a trip? Periods can get messy even in the comfort of your home. So what’s a girl got to do when those comforts disappear once she steps out of the door? Travel can mean a lot of things: a road trip with friends, a business trip with colleagues, long hours on a flight, waiting at airports, unexpected delays and unfamiliar surroundings. Now when you add a period to that, it just makes it sound so much more stressful. Unhygienic restrooms, running out of sanitary pads or an uninvited or heavy period can make travelling on your period a hassle.

So here are a few period hacks that include additions to your kit so you can enjoy that trip no matter what time of the month it is.

A sanitary pad in your purse:

Image of woman opening her purse

Sanitary pads are top-of-the-list and cannot be left behind. They are as important as your tickets and keys. Put them on the to-do list if you must. On a flight, keep a spare in your cabin baggage too. Needless to say, it must not be checked in. Sanitary napkins like Nua come in sealed disposable covers to keep the pads hygienic and discreet even when they travel with you for days. Get them here!

Disposal covers:

If you are using Nua, you do not have to worry about disposing your sanitary pads. Travelling on your period just got lighter as you do not have to carry additional disposal covers with you. Another alternate is to double the zip-lock bag, commonly carried by travellers, as a disposal cover.

Change of pads every 6 hours:

We know it. We read it time and again but still get preoccupied in work and forget to change our pads on a busy day and end up with a bad rash. Travelling on your period will only get more difficult with rashes. If you have planned an outdoor activity that involves long walks, remember to change your pads every 6 hours the day before, to prevent rashes on your day out. Softer, lighter pads can also provide a rash-free experience.

Tissue paper and Seat covers:

Sign for Restrooms - travelling on your period

To eliminate health risks due to poor menstrual hygiene, toilet seat covers, readily available on Amazon, can be very useful in public restrooms. Travelling on your period creates the possibility of a pad getting shifted from its position. You may also be caught unaware by a heavy period soaking your pad faster than you can change it. A clean tissue roll will be convenient for cleaning the vaginal area in such cases.

Comfortable clothing for travelling on your period:

Tight clothing is not advisable when travelling on your period. With bloating and cramps on the menu, along with long hours in cramped seats, not just comfortable and loose clothing but an extra pair of pants will also come in handy. Likewise, keep a spare underwear nearby too, just in case!

Bottle of water and pain medication:

Image of a woman holding a glass of water and medicine

Your period is likely to leave you dehydrated. Besides hydration, water can be useful for washing and rinsing your hands with soap after changing your pad, especially if you are making a pit stop on a road trip. Also, carry a mild painkiller after consulting with your doctor. You do not want cramps to leave you seething in pain during the journey or if you are in bed all day after reaching your destination.

Period Kit and Restroom Breaks:

Image of bag and water bottle - period kit for travelling on your period

Make the most of restrooms when you can avail them. If you are worried about the period starting during your journey, head out prepared with a pantyliner on. With all your period necessities packed together in an easy to carry period kit, you will have nothing to worry about.

Remember that travelling can affect your menstrual cycle and cause you to skip a period or have it come early. The menstrual cycle is very sensitive to any change your body goes through in terms of stress, routine or diet. With your period kit in tow, sit back, relax and enjoy your trip. Additional tips to share? Leave a comment below.

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