MenstruationPeriods and PMS

3 H’s for dealing with period pain

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Aunty Flo is known to pay us a visit around 450 times in our lifetime. Each time, we get deeply affected- copious amounts of anger, tears and frustration accompanied by insatiable chocolate cravings, fatigue, topped with period pain and cramps that just wont go with a heating pad.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one stuck in this rut! Here are the 3Hs that will help you relieve that period pain:

1) Heat:

Placing a hot water bag or using an electric heating pad on your abdomen helps during your period. This alleviates the period cramps and provides relief. Heat treatment works by blocking pain messages to the brain thereby reducing period pain. If the skin near the affected area is exposed to warmth of over 40 degrees Celsius, it activates heat receptors, which block chemical messengers that cause pain to be detected by the body. Get yours here.

Nua Cramp Comfort

2) Hydrate:

You lose a lot of fluid during your period thereby causing dehydration when you are on your period. To keep period pain and fatigue at bay, it is important you hydrate yourself throughout the day. Contrary to what you think, this will help reduce bloating, additional fatigue and the puffiness as well. Try keeping a bottle of water, juice, lemon or coconut water with you at all times of the day. This would help not only keep you hydrated but also provide relief from period cramps.

3) Help:

It is imperative that you thoroughly understand the functioning of your body. It is recommended that you manage your pain naturally, however, if the pain persists, reach out for an over the counter painkiller or a period pain medicine to relieve discomfort. Experiencing obnoxious amounts of period pain and drastic changes in your cycle could potentially be signs of an infection or a menstrual problem that needs prompt medical attention. Consult your gynecologist immediately under these circumstances.

Period pain is unavoidable; every woman goes through it. Make your period more comfortable with period solutions from Nua.

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