5 common habits that cause skin damage

5 common habits that cause skin damage

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Yes, it’s true! There are certain habits we practice in our daily lives that can have a big impact on our skin. While some factors such as aging are inevitable, a few can cause skin damage in the long run.

However, we’re giving you the top 5 habits that could be causing damage and how you can repair it immediately for healthy skin!

1. Not washing your face before bed

Skincare before bed

Your skin collects even the smallest particles of dust and dirt on its surface throughout the day. If not cleaned properly, it can cause breakouts and acne. Similarly, if you don’t wash off makeup at the end of the night, it clogs your pores further and damages it. It is very important to clean the skin’s surface after brushing your teeth at night. It will help give you healthy skin, and clear of acne.

2. Using one pillowcase of too long

Prevent skin damage

Pillowcases, just like your skin, collect dust. When you use the same pillowcase for too long, it ends up transporting all the additional dust on your face when you sleep at night. Plus, if you don’t wash your face before bed, there is a repeated cycle of skin damage caused by dirt being transferred from your skin to the pillowcase and back! If you’ve been experiencing continuous breakouts and acne, it’s probably time to change your pillowcase and incorporate the habit to wash them often.

3. Skipping sunscreen, even in the winter

skincare with sunscreen

Exposure to the sun’s rays without wearing sunscreen causes photodamage, which can result in the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additional exposure can also cause cancer in a few cases. You should not skip out on wearing sunscreen every day of the year, irrespective of season and temperature. It offers you protection from damage and ensures you stay healthy too.

4. Taking too many hot showers

Prevent acne

Be it hot or too hot, high water temperature affects your skin’s moisture levels. They strip your skin of its natural moisture, making it dry and irritated, this applies to both your face and body. Dry skin can often lead to a damaged barrier and overproduction of sebum to make up for moisture loss. Opt for lukewarm water instead to stay away from skin damage.

5. You eat too much sugar

no sugar leads to happy skin

Everyone loves that piece of chocolate at the end of a meal but overconsuming sugar is not the best when it comes to your skin. Simple carbohydrates such as sweets, white bread, soda, and soft beverages spike up your insulin levels, leading to inflammation. This process breaks down the collagen and elastin, making it prone to dryness and fine lines. Excess sugar can also lead to acne and breakouts. Try limiting your sugar intake and balancing it by eating vegetables and fruits to avoid skin damage.

It shouldn’t be a constant struggle for you to have healthy skin. With our Acne Control Range, we hope to help you out on your journey to achieve just that and help treat acne along the way. Shop all the products right here.

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