MenstruationPeriods and PMS

Acing hair care during your period

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If your hair is not behaving right during your period, in terms of hair loss or being oily , it’s not your imagination. The hormonal changes before, during and after your period affect not just your skin, but also your tresses.

Here are 5 tips to perfect your hair care routine

Hormonal fluctuations make your scalp and hair oily during your period. Opt for a cleansing shampoo and for minimal conditioner on these days.

Hair care during period

During your period week, levels of estrogen are at rock bottom which might make your hair look dull or cause sensitivity of the scalp. The perfect time to get a head massage or a relaxing hair spa!

Post your period, the level of estrogen in your body increases and testosterone, responsible for triggering oil production, decreases. Reduction in oil can make your scalp dry, therefore it’s the best time to opt for deep conditioning.

During ovulation, 14 days before the menstrual cycle, the estrogen level multiplies. This is great for your scalp as it enhances the oil levels. Intensive scrubbing can hurt your scalp during this phase.

Hair care during periods

Most importantly, focus on a healthy diet filled with nuts and other sources of good fat. Stress can also be a major cause for hair loss. Take some time to relax ladies!

We hope these tips and tricks help you. Have any more tips? Share them in the comments below. At Nua, we try our best to make your period as comfortable as it can be. Try our soft, chemical-free pads, check out

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