Body hair : a blessing or a curse?
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Body hair: a blessing or a curse?

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How many of us decide our clothing for an event or party based on the time we have to wax or shave? Why does hair grow on the body when a night out is around the corner? All of us ask this question! Imagine if you had no body hair and you could wear whatever you want, whenever. Such a relief! So when we are asked if body hair is a blessing or a curse, of course we all immediately think it’s a curse.

Well, not really. It can be a blessing too!

The most important function of body hair and the reason why does hair grow on the body, is to regulate the temperature of the body. Your body hair acts as a thermoregulator:

  • Your hair lies down when you are warm and rises up when you are cold
  • It releases sweat and reduces friction and chafing
  • Your hair reduces any chances of infections that you would be otherwise prone to
  • It protects your skin from dirt, especially the hair in the nose

A lot of people do not know this, but body hair is also helpful during an orgasm. There are tiny nerve endings on each pubic hair follicle which create a sensation when touched or during friction. There are 5 million hair follicles on a body.

In our society, body hair is often considered unattractive. We are constantly chasing hypothetical ideas of beauty which leads to a lack of self confidence.

Some of us also remove our body hair because of hygiene. We might be prone to severe sweating because of excessive hair, especially armpits and pubic areas, which in turn might be prone to bacteria that breeds due to sweat and moisture. What we forget, however, is that shaving and and waxing can cause infections like folliculitis which is an infection of hair follicles resulting in boils, and contact dermatitis due to dryness of skin. This happens because of friction that leads to scars and marks, which are quite painful especially in delicate and sensitive areas of our body.

The most ideal way to get rid of your hair is Laser Hair Reduction from a USFDA approved machine as it is not painful. It doesn’t give you any scars or marks, and is convenient for private and sensitive parts. It is long term, permanent and safe. In case you choose not to opt for laser, trim your hair only when you think it is important.

You can also take care of your body hair in some very easy steps! Here a few quick points for you:

Body hair tips

Our body is our own priceless possession and be it our hair or skin, we always want to make sure that it is in a healthy state. We speak to experts regularly to understand how we can take care of our body in a better and healthier ways. Read expert articles about the body right here.

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