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Acne at 13 vs at 30 – Causes & Impact

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It’s a fact of teenage life: When puberty hits, acne often does, too. Acne can manifest severely for some, whereas others escape with just a whitehead or two. No matter what kind, all teenagers will experience a bout of acne and that’s totally – and I cannot stress it enough – normal!

The prime culprits are heredity and hormones. In case of acne in teens, acne breakouts begin when hormone levels begin to fluctuate. When this happens, the sebaceous gland secretes a substance called sebum – an oily, waxy substance. Excess sebum clogs your pores, which then gets turned into acne.

While acne isn’t a serious health condition, it can lead to psychological drawbacks among teens. Children may become less confident, lose self-esteem and become extremely conscious. Especially if the acne leaves behind scars, the loss of self-esteem is exponential, and this becomes a serious problem. 

As an adult, especially in your late 20s and early 30s, fluctuating hormones can again cause your skin to break out. But it’s not just that – cosmetic acne is a newer kind of acne that is triggered by the usage of make-up and can occur anywhere on the body. 

Stress, medications and genes play a very important role too. These factors tend to affect the skin more severely as one grows wiser. 

Irrespective of whether you’re 13 or 30, medical intervention is only necessary if your acne is causing you pain. Sometimes, your acne might progress to a moderate or severe stage, where you’ll notice nodules or cysts. This too will warrant a visit to the doctor. Read more on the different types of acne.

For the most part, OTC medications should do the job. But if you feel your acne is taking a toll on your mental and physical health, you should seek medical help. Never forget that you don’t need a reason to consult with a dermatologist: your skin is always and forever your say.  


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Dr. Poonam Wadhwani is a dermatologist and cosmetologist who has been working for nearly 19 years. She completed her education from Mumbai University. While skin, hair, and beauty are her forte, she also performs routine skincare and cosmetic procedures.
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