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Checklist for travelling on your period

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Travelling on your period can be quite a dampener especially when you have to travel while you are bleeding heavily. Very often we just can not avoid travelling despite having gotten our period.

So ladies, we bring to you a bunch of tips that will make travelling when you have your period a tad bit easier:


A period pack is that one thing that trumps every other belonging of yours when you’re travelling on your period (wallet and IDs notwithstanding 😉 ). Here’s what your period pack should comprise of:

(i) Sanitary Pads/Tampons: Ensure you’re carrying enough number of sanitary pads/tampons and make sure you keep a few in your hand bag for easier access.

(ii) Painkillers: Stock up on your doctor-approved painkillers so that when the cramps hit you, you don’t have to go looking for pharmacies in unfamiliar areas while travelling on your period and risk the possibility of not finding the exact medication.

(iii) Heating patch/belt: A battery operated heating patch or belt is a gift if you have to deal with insufferable period cramps while travelling on your period. The battery operated hot water bags or heat patches that one can attach to the insides of their clothes will be optimal when you’re on the go and the trip is bumpy.


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Yes, it’s great to pack light but you can make that exception when you’re travelling on your period. Carrying some extra essentials is not only convenient but also important to period hygiene. Here are some extra supplies you should be mindful of:

(i) Carry extra bath, linen & inner-wear: If you’re traveling to a place where there will be limited supply of bath and linen, then ensure you’re carrying extra towels, napkins, panties, bed-sheets, etc. This will keep your mind at ease if you’re worried about staining.

(ii) Carry detergent: It is hygienic to carry detergent with you during such times so that you can regularly clean your belongings and not carrying back home stained clothing. Also, several times you don’t want to hand over your period-stained items to the hotel staff for laundry.


Mild exercise during period is something most trusted gynecologists prescribe. Brisk-walking, yoga, stretching and other low intensity exercises help loosen up sore muscles and eventually soothe cramps. So, if you’re traveling on your period to a scenic place, a fresh, balmy morning or evening walk would be rejuvenating.


It is natural to want to be experimental with cuisines but when you’re traveling on your period, you might want to be slightly careful so that the after-effects aren’t severe. Opt for freshly prepared meals and fruits instead of packaged, fast-food. Locally prepared food and exotic fresh foods are quite scrumptious too. It is also advisable to avoid over-consumption of alcohol and late nights if you’re traveling on your period.


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While it is not always possible to plan travels as per your menstruation cycle, it is definitely advisable to maintain a period tracker. This will prepare you for some unpleasant surprises and make your travel less cumbersome.

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While these are some basic yet pertinent suggestions for your period travels, our community of Nua Women also have some tried-and-tested tips for you to follow. Check them out below:

“Carry dark pants” – Gayatrimayadas

“Snacking on dates and almonds make periods less painful” – _manu._n

“Carry a bottle of warm water” – ayacheesee

“Wear comfortable clothes” – vm1108

Do keep this checklist handy for the next time your are travelling on your period. If you have some more suggestions, share them with us.

You can also read about kind of clothes you should opt for during your period: https://nuawoman.com/blog/comfortable-clothing-options-during-your-period/

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