What the colours of your period blood mean
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What the colours of your period blood mean

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Wondering why we called it a period blood rainbow?

This is because our period has a broad spectrum of colours ranging from bright red to blue to even gray. Surprised? Well, don’t be! We know it’s pretty confusing to look down there and evidence some random colour. It is supposed to be red, isn’t it? It doesn’t always have to be red and guess what – it’s totally okay. So, it’s explanation time ladies. Go through the whole thing and know more about your period colour shade and their meaning.

  1. Bright red – Bright red (or you may call it cranberry red if it makes it easier to understand) is the “normal” menstrual or period blood colour that tends to start and end on time. This blood colour also indicates that it is the newest and freshest blood your uterus is shedding.
  2. Dark red – Longer the blood stays in your uterus, darker it becomes. You may usually see this colour after waking up or after you’ve been sitting or lying for quite a while. This simply indicates that the blood has been there in the uterus for a long time. It is also an indication of the end of your period as your flow slows down.
  3. Pink– Having a light red or pink coloured period is fine. It happens when you are under stress, highly athletic or had a change in your body weight. However, if you encounter this months after months, it may be an indication that your estrogen level is too low or that you have vitamin or nutrient deficiency.
  4. Orange – If your period colour has an orangish tint to it, it is normal. However, if this shade comes with any different texture or smell, it might be a sign of sexually transmitted disease. In such a case, we recommend consulting a doctor.
  5. Brown or Black – As mentioned above, the blood gets darker as it stays in the uterus for a longer time. Your period may happen to be brown or black coloured on the first day of your menstruation as your uterus would be shedding the leftover blood from your last period cycle. This may also happen at the end of your period cycle. So, this is completely normal too as it is just an indication of the older blood.
  6. Blue or Purple – Don’t freak out ladies. It’s okay. Don’t consider these colours as Satan. Bleeding blue or purple isn’t certainly abnormal, as you’ll only see a bluish hue when the blood is clotted. However, if you see a dark blue or dark purple discharge, it might be an indication of high estrogen level.
  7. Gray – If you have grayish discharge, chances are that maybe you have an infection or you have had a miscarriage. In such a case, we recommend consulting a doctor.
Period colours
What’s the colour today?

So, those were the different colours of period blood but just like the colour, we understand that your flow also changes as the day passes. Hence, we’ve created a pack of sanitary pads that’s customisable according to your menstrual flow. Try them out and experience a hassle-free and happy period.

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