Community Asks: Vaginal Darkness
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Community Asks: Vaginal Skin Darkness

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Discoloration of the skin occurs on various parts of our bodies, be it the scars left by acne and pimples to the ones in our more private areas. Vaginal darkness or the appearance of a dark vagina is one such type of discoloration that we often get conscious about but issues with vaginal skin is more common than you would think.

What is vaginal skin darkness?

There are two forms of skin discolorations under vaginal darkness. The most common one is the darkness of the skin around the vagina. This could be the folds of the skin between your legs and your inner thighs. And Vaginal Mucosal darkness is when you notice a change in the colour of your vaginal discharge. A dark vagina is usually categorised under the first form.

What causes the skin to darken in that area?

There are multiple reasons for a dark vagina that cause discoloration:

  • Lack of sanitation leading to fungus and boils
  • Excessive sweating
  • Products that are not meant for the skin around the vagina
  • Certain hair removal methods (hot wax or hair removal creams)

Is vaginal skin darkness permanent?

The skin in that area is a little sensitive and is also exposed to constant friction. The dark patches near the vagina are likely caused by friction due to sanitary napkins, clothing, wetness due to using the washroom etc. All affect the flora of the skin in that area. Due to these factors, the look of a dark vagina can definitely be reduced to a significant effect, but a little bit of pigmentation might remain and that’s normal.

Can darkness be prevented?

You can take certain steps to avoid a dark vagina in the first place. Most importantly, you have to maintain a good intimate hygiene routine. Certain cleansers that help balance the pH levels of your vaginal with their acidic formulations. If not twice, ensure that you clean your vaigna and the surrounding skin with these cleansers and water once in the day to avoid sweat build-up and keep infections at bay. Grooming your pubic hair is also helpful. Trim, shave or opt for laser hair removal treatments to manage the excess hair growth rather than using hair removal creams or hot wax on the skin.

How can a dark vagina be lightened safely?

If your skin around the vagina is already dark, using creams or lotions formulated for the skin near the vagina can be very beneficial. Using products that are for other parts of the body could have a higher percentage of acids, leading to further darkness and sensitivity.

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