Feels like the very First Time
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Feels like the very First Time

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… and just like that, after months that Zoomed by – pun very much intended – like a fast local at the Dadar train station, and some that moved as slowly as an asthmatic snail, we made it to 2021! 

This year brings with it a unique start. Some of us will have new ‘firsts’ of relearning how to do things we used to do, again. Stepping out of the house and reconnecting with the world outside. That got us thinking – a memorable way to start a new year is to celebrate these firsts. We can do this by starting something new, or we can relive the magic of the past.

The first time you tasted independence. The first time you won a prize. The first time you got a paycheck. The first time you were intimate with somebody special. The first period. 

With that in mind, we’re going to share what we have up our sleeve for the Nua blog. *drumroll* The ‘first time’ theme will take us through the month with our experts writing on topics such as what you can expect in the first year of using an IUD, how to identify the first signs of depression, what to know about the colour of the blood during your first period, and so on. Stay tuned for these articles as they get published through January.

We also have a very exciting launch coming up – something you can download and keep forever! More on that soon…

While we absolutely love the fresh-start attitude inspired by a new year, the blank slate it provides and the hope it inspires, it also brings with it a host of high-pressure resolutions. So just for fun, how about we change the R word! Resolutions just feel a little too much right now, don’t they? Last year was hard and making a resolution somehow feels more stressful than it’s worth. An irritating chore instead of a motivating goal. 

In its place, why not create Rituals – a simple routine designed for your life.

Something you can turn to every single day. Something personal you can create, tweak, and nurture as you go – without the pressure of accomplishment. Afterall, while we know there was no magical switch flipped overnight to make the pandemic disappear, it doesn’t hurt to have hopes and plans that you can actually stick to for the new calendar year. 

So here’s to firsts, rituals, and better days ahead.

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