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Gift guide for your Cycle Sister

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 It’s finally holiday season and we’re prepping these special TLC boxes for our cycle sisters. Some of you must be wondering what a cycle sister is? Think of women who spend a lot of time together and/or are so emotionally close, that their menstrual cycles synchronise.

What should one gift a cycle sister?

Here’s our Top 5 list of goodies that are sure to make your cycle sister feel pampered and loved.

1. Candles:

Scented candles as giftsScented candles (especially those with essential oils) are super soothing and can alleviate a bad mood almost instantly. If you know that your cycle sister gets frustrated during her time of the month, this is a must-have in your gift box.

2. Chocolates :

Chocolates: Yes! As mainstream as this sounds, you can’t deny the fact that chocolates do help when aunt flow is paying a visit. Dark chocolates work the best. However, if your cycle sister is not fond of dark chocolate then just get her a Nutella Jar; you know she’ll love it!

3. Heating Pad:


Heating pad as gift

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We all know what kind of a relationship a girl has with her heating pad. Heating pads are super useful when it comes to dealing with cramps. Gift a heating pad to your cycle sister and watch her love for you triple.

4. Cozy sweater:

Cosy sweater as gift

A cozy sweater is perfect to just cuddle up and lie down. Something really comfortable and cute, a cozy sweater is a must have in a girl’s closet. Since it’s winter, a sweater can even help deal with the chilly weather as well.

5. DIY Hot Chocolate Mix:


DIY chocolate mix

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Everyone loves hot chocolate especially when it’s Christmas and when aunt flow is visiting. You can make this however you wish, maybe add in some marshmallows or candy cane? There are endless options! This is sure going to bring a smile to your cycle sister’s face when she sees the effort you’ve put to curate the box.

This is the season to spread joy! Go on and be an amazing Santa to your cycle sister by creating a gift box for her with one (or all) of these goodies! While we’re on the on the subject of customising, don’t forget that you can personalise your monthly Nua pack with different sized pads for different flow days during your period, heavy, medium and light on


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