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Myth: Period sex can’t lead to pregnancy

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There is no ideal time to have sex but when it comes to period sex, there have always been many questions in people’s minds about even the act itself! While some aren’t totally convinced and some are open to experimentation, the question of pregnancy still lingers around. 

Let’s read along to clear the biggest apprehension when it comes to period sex and conceiving. 

Myth about pregnancy

Pregnancy can be achieved from sexual intercourse just before or during the ovulation phase. The average woman has a duration of 28-30 days of an ovulation cycle which leaves enough time between the duration of their period and ovulation. However, women with shorter ovulation cycles do not have enough days between the two, which leads to a higher chance of pregnancy. Hence, it is possible to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your period.

Also, sperm can stay alive for up to 72 hours inside a woman’s body after ejaculation. Clubbed near the end of the period, the chances of pregnancy are higher!

Even if the chances of pregnancy are high or low, that doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Always follow safe sex practices and contraceptive devices while being intimate with your partner.

Through ‘Debunking Myths’, we acknowledge period myths and expose them with verified facts. Let’s debunk more period myths here.

Source: healthline.com