Nighttime sleep troubles during periods
Periods and I

Nighttime sleep troubles and how I got over it

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Most of us know the difficulties and uncomfortable sensations we feel during periods. And for many of us, that sensation can disturb our nighttime sleep. While every woman has a unique experience during their periods, disturbed sleep at night is surprisingly a common factor. In order to find out how the challenges affect them and what we can do to resolve this, we reached out to our community. 

Our community shared their experiences, and oh dear, do we relate to them! Let’s take a look at them here:

The toughest part? The first day, especially during the bitter cold of winter. Waking up early due to unbearable pain only to discover yourself soaked in blood. There’s no option to linger in bed or take it easy. Instead, you must muster the strength to leave the warm, cozy embrace of your bed and face the task of washing up and changing clothes in the chilly winter morning.

Two days ago, I dragged myself out of bed at 4 am to study for an exam. Mid-study, an unexpected sensation hit my gut. In a sleep-deprived haze, I bolted to the bathroom, only to be greeted by the sight of blood—cue instant panic! 😂 Initially convinced I had contracted some bizarre disease, it took a moment of groggy clarity to register that it was just the onset of my period, accompanied by some seriously intense cramps.

Often, I find myself half-asleep, urgently grabbing a pad in the dead of night. Navigating through the dark to find one is always a messy struggle. 😢

It’s the first day, and you have to navigate through 5-6 hours of continuous pain at work or college without letting anyone in on your inner struggle. One of the most agonizing situations I’ve ever encountered. 😔

The collective voices of our community shed light on the universality of disrupted sleep during periods, emphasizing the need for understanding and empathy. The stories are not merely individual anecdotes but a testament to a shared journey that many navigate in solitude.

As we reflect on these accounts, let’s recognize the journey toward better sleep hygiene. Managing period-related challenges involves not just personal triumphs but a collective understanding that transcends individual experiences.

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