Nua Anniversary Special: A trip down memory lane!
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Nua Anniversary Special: A trip down memory lane!

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We are celebrating a big milestone this year – we’re turning a year older! What started out as a small idea to help women gain access to better wellness solutions at Nua, we’ve come a long way. In the journey to do just that, there have been some struggles, a lot of hard work, and much-needed strength from our fellow Team Nua besties!

We sat down with a few teammates who have been around since the beginning to reminisce about the early days and how far we’ve come on our anniversary…

Mridula recalls being part of the organization even before she had officially joined the team! “A few days before I was supposed to join, I was already involved in a project which got me really excited to start work on it. I also remember being the third or fourth employee”. Nihitha chimes in to mention that her first day involved not just looking for an office space but also the same day as Mridula’s interview, a fun memory they both laugh about.

“It was an intimate setup,” Gauri mentions. “So much has changed today. With only 5-6 employees, we were all entrepreneurs, involved in almost every aspect to build and set up the company. In the process, we became close friends.” 

Nua Anniversary: Nihitha

While the first year was all about setting the foundation, using creative ways to work was all the rage. Nihitha recalls, “Almost everything we did was in the spur of the moment. Our shoots would involve one photographer and I would provide the script, act as director (and even spot boy), and shoot content with women who worked in the same co-working space.” Mridula gives a sly smirk as she recalls being a model for shoots.

Gauri agrees,“Going from setting processes to tracking customer’s orders to now having big teams is also a big change! Since we were in such close proximity, I  learned so much more than what my job required me to do. We would brainstorm and come up with ideas for execution, and that made it more special.”

The sentiment for this strong bond still holds true to them even to this day. Nihitha explains, “Everyone who joins the organization even today, is so passionate about the goal we have. Almost everyone – from the founders to the interns – believe in the ideology the same way we do. There’s also a sense of sisterhood that makes us comfortable to have open conversations.”

Nua Anniversary: Gauri

Mridula’s maternity leave proved that for her. “When I took my maternity leave, the team was still small but by the time I returned, the number of employees had exploded but the HR Team had ensured we maintained our culture. Extra initiatives for townhalls and catch-ups were scheduled, activities were planned and an additional effort was made to keep it going.”

“It’s that extra step in maintaining good relationships between people that’s special. Mridula and I have worked together since the beginning and I don’t ever feel like she’s just my boss. I can honestly say that she’s a friend who I can go to for advice and just talk to when I need it,” Gauri adds.

But it wasn’t all fun and games, especially for Nihitha. “There was a phase during my time here where I was ill for almost a year. It was the lowest period of my life. I was given so much support throughout this time. I was able to take a sabbatical, had flexible working hours and was able to recover and manage without it affecting my career. I’m fortunate to have such a great team and be part of an organisation that stood by me.”

“The opportunities provided after my maternity leave made me feel the same way. I had a conversation with the founders to map out next steps and opportunities within the company that could work around my schedule with a newborn. The fact that people took the time to help me transition into a role that would allow me to maintain the right work-life balance was incredible.” says Mridula.

Nua Anniversary: Mridula

These instances quickly make a gateway to recall fun moments. “A recent addition to my vocabulary has been, ‘You get it?’ because Mridula says it so often. She has seeped into my brain!”, Gauri teases. Mridula laughs and shares that being in a non-medical field, she didn’t think she would say the word ‘blood’ this often!

 “It was conversations about sexual wellness for me!”, Nihitha exclaims. “It happened to be during the lockdown so I was working from home. I tried to ensure my parents didn’t overhear anything and misunderstand why I was talking about sex with my colleagues!” We all break out into giggles at that thought.

Gauri recalls having a conversation with a customer regarding a product. “A customer was talking to me about her cramps when her partner walked into the room. She asked me if I could talk to him and educate him about period pain, so the feminist happily took over!” After reminiscing about their journeys, all three women shared a final sentiment;  “Everyone here supports each other. It’s about encouraging ideas and thoughts to be actioned. It’s something that will never change.”

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