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Periods & I: Menstrual Hygiene Day Special with Deepika Padukone

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Every woman’s life is filled with unique experiences. The one common occurrence that every woman goes through is her period, but not everyone is educated about this bodily function at the appropriate age.  Today, on World Menstrual Hygiene Day, our series ‘Periods and I’ takes a new route to showcase how period education is vital to help you #GoWithYourFlow.

Our #NuaWoman and ambassador of our period care range, Deepika Padukone, reveals her journey’s beginnings.

Deepika Padukone is the most sought-after actor in the Indian film industry and has excelled in this pursuit because of her hard work and dedication. But just like every other girl, she too had to be informed about menstruation and periods. 

“I will never forget that moment. I was around 11-12 years old when my best friend Divya and I were sat down by our mothers. Jaishree aunty, Divya’s mother, took charge and mentioned they wanted to talk to us about something.” Deepika recalls being explained what periods were and why a woman goes through the process and surprisingly they had never heard of it before.

“The discussion happened even before we were educated about the topic in school. I’m so grateful to have her explain it to us with such patience, empathy and most importantly with a lot of comfort.”

She goes on to describe that at no point did the two young girls feel uncomfortable during that conversation. “I hope moving forward, I’m able to do the same with my children or even the children around me.”

Hear from Deepika as she shared her period story with us. 

Even with her fond memories of the past, Deepika’s able to reveal her PMS symptoms. “I am an emotional, sensitive person and when I’m PMSing I get even more so.” She also experiences the usual symptoms of bloating and fatigue.

“When it comes to managing them, that should be asked to the people around me because I’m sure they bear the brunt of it!”, she responds with a charismatic twinkle in her eye. 

She continues “I just embrace it. I try not to fight it and wonder why my body is going through this. I think the beauty is to accept that your body, as a woman, goes through all of these changes every month. It should be embraced and accepted”.

As Deepika recalls, educating girls at an earlier age with an open and honest conversation goes a long way to cement the concept of being informed and taking control over your menstrual needs. Embrace, accept and let your body #GoWithYourFlow.

With Deepika Padukone’s personal story, we hope that more women join in the conversation around menstrual health. Our mission has been to make all Indian women advocate for themselves. With more stories and many more conversations, together we can ask and receive the resources we need for access to better health and hygiene. Come, join the journey with us.

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