Self-care: how our Nua women do it!
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Self-care: how our Nua women do it!

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We hope you had a great Women’s Day. The whole of last week, we celebrated by asking our #NuaWomen all about self-care. Self-care means taking care of your physical, social and mental health or well-being. We asked you all to leave tips on how you take care of yourselves and we’ve gathered some real gems here.

Let’s have a look at it:

Physical Well-being:

Shazmeen says, “My first go-to is drinking water on an empty stomach. As I’m still a student, I’m unable to give enough time to exercising in the morning so I take the stairs and walk as much as I can instead of using public transport. In evening I exercise a little bit to stay fit. Sometimes I also keep myself involved in games like badminton and cycling too.”

Rukmini says, “Physical wellbeing is very important in this busy monotonous fast moving life. Taking time out for yourself and making conscious efforts to have a discipline around physical regime helps in creating a good balance of everything!!”

Saborni says, “I started learning how to swim when I was 7 years can be extremely relaxing, love the feeling of floating on the water and feeling almost weightless. I find that whenever I leave the pool I feel totally relaxed. It frees my mind and calms me. It’s also a great cardiovascular activity and can improve flexibility and balance.”

Mental Well-being:

Ankana says, “My mood varies really frequently but when I feel really mentally disturbed, I eat dry fruits and chocolate. I always keep a few on my study table. Food has always helped me to stabilize my anxiety or nervousness. Doing activities like painting, playing my guitar or reading a book has always helped me to improve my mood.”

Vidya says, “For mental wellness I prefer practicing violin.I love playing it and it helps me calm down my mind and soul and just enjoy the moment as if there is no tomorrow. And surprisingly it plays me think much better solutions after I play it.”

Aarti says, “I keep stress at bay by keeping myself busy with some music therapy. It’s the best self-care hack for everyone!”

Social Well-being:

Akansha says, “With the abundance of digital connectivity, I feel like we sometimes get lost and lose personal connect. I make sure I meet my close friends or talk on phone to keep us feeling real and rooted.”

Injila says, “According to me social well-being means to treat everyone equally with equal respect, Equal care, equal attention, equal love. We should try to help others both mentally and physically. We never know what someone else is going through. At last it’s about helping others and making them feel good.”

Madhuri says, “ I’m contributing a part of my time and money to charity, to donate food and clothes to the needed. I hope to be able to expand this with time.”

Mahi says, “My friends and I organize kitty parties every month where we play games, share our thoughts and dance to raunchy numbers. At the end of it all, contribute a part of the amount to the local charity. This activity is good for our body, mind and soul.”

There you have it! Tips by #Nuawomen on how they take care of themselves during their busy schedules. It is very important to take care of yourself first, only then will you be more able to take care of others!

We hope this helps you and pushes you to look after yourself because in the end only you can take care of yourself!

Have any more tips? Leave them in the comments section below.

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