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To my very first period tracker – my best friend

August 20, 2020
To my very first period tracker – my best friend

My best friend in school had a habit. She would often wait outside the classroom, and right when the teacher called out my name, she imitated my voice and yelled out, “Present, Ma’am!”. Of course, the teacher always found out and then punished both of us – her for feigning, me for being late to class (every single time). The favour was always returned by me to my best friend in the form of protection. Any bully in school had…

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7 things you should never say to a girl on her period

Men, acquaint yourself with what not to say to a woman on her period, especially during that dreaded week of period torture! From handling the ongoing biological effects of periods, such as submerging yourself under period pain, constant bloating and dreadful cramps, to physiologically…

January 23, 2018