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A pimple on the vagina – should you be worried?

August 25, 2020
A pimple on the vagina – should you be worried?

  – “Doctor, I’ve got a pimple down there and it’s painful!” – “Ok, did you shave your vagina?’ – “Yes, I did.” That’s how patients come to us most of the time. So what is vulvar acne or pimple on vagina? Vulvar acne is a common condition like acne on any other parts of the body. However, it can be very painful and causes discomfort to women. Some common causes include: Folliculitis : Folliculitis is an infection of the…

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The faults in our skin. Acne? Yes, acne!

Acne is an umbrella term for all pimples. It comes in various shapes and sizes – pus-filled pimples, tiny blackheads, tiny whiteheads – the works. Depending on its size, our perspective and its location, acne can throw a spanner in our plans. So, instead…

February 20, 2020