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The soothing perks of applying heat for period cramps

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Period pain is a common thing experienced by nearly all women. In our community of over 1 lakh women, we have come across stories about how most women prefer applying heat therapy to relieve period pain and answer the question, ‘how to reduce period cramps?’.

But what causes period cramps and pain?

Period pain, in the form of period cramps, is a consequence of the presence of excess prostaglandins, the hormone-like lipid compounds which help constrict the blood vessels in the uterus by contracting the muscles. While this is a natural process, an excess of it can cause intense period pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, and sometimes can be responsible for nausea, headache, and diarrhoea. Most of us rely on heat therapy to help relieve the pain to help combat period cramps.

How to reduce period cramps with heat therapy?

It is a common method of treatment to reduce period cramps, preferred by most women. It leaves no side-effects in the body, unlike certain allopathic medicines or pills that might have some adverse effects. Here are some of the major reasons why heat therapy is always preferred to reduce period cramps:

  1. Relaxes the muscles – In case of “primary dysmenorrhea” or “mild to moderate cramps”, heat helps reduce muscle tension and relaxes the abdominal muscles. This cuts the pain at its source. It also helps increase blood circulation in the pelvic region which reduces swelling and as a result ensures relief from the period cramps.
  2. A tried-and-tested method across generations – Women have been using heat as a way to relieve period cramps for generations. It is one of those timeless treatments which have been producing the same reliable result.
  3. Relief that lasts longer – Heat relaxes nerve compression thereby giving long-lasting relief. Due to this relaxing effect, it eases any period cramps and helps to get through the day.

What we recommend you do while applying heat?

When applying heat to relieve pain due to period cramps, it is important to keep certain things in mind:

  • It is advisable to not use a hot water bag for more than 8 hours. It can cause redness in the area and mild burns
  • The optimal temperature should be an ideal 45-50 degree celsius, i.e. something that is not hotter than a warm towel
  • Apply it to areas where the pain is most severe such as the lower abdomen and back
  • Apply heat at the onset of period cramps for maximum relief

Although most women in our community prefer warmth to relieve period cramps, we understand that a hot water bag might not be the most convenient way to do so. After talking to our community and researching and developing various methods with our experts, we came up with a heat patch that heats itself and keeps you warm for 8 hours. It hugs your body and you can wear anytime, anywhere you go.

Inspired by the practice of using hot water bag, Nua Cramp Comfort fits into your life easily. You can get your pack and sign up for an early bird offer right here.

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