5 ways to tackle period pain at home
MenstruationPeriods and PMS

5 ways to tackle period pain at home

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When it comes to periods, every woman has a different story to tell. The same is for period pain or cramps. While some of us like to cuddle up in bed, some of us like to munch on our favourite chocolates, some of like to stretch in some light yoga. Others like to soothe the pain by applying heat.

In cases of heavy cramps or secondary dysmenorrhea – a pain that is caused by endometriosis or uterine fibroids – it is usually advisable to seek medical help.

Period pain is a common chapter in most of our lives but thankfully there are some hacks to tackle it.

5 ways that can be practiced at home:

  • Heat Patches

heat Patches - Nua

Most of us are familiar with the timeless hot water bag, but a heat patch is a more convenient alternative to a hot water bag as it can be worn under your clothes. The air-activated heat patch keeps you warm for nearly 8 hours. This lets you relax and go about your day as you wish to. 

  • A warm bath

warm bath for period cramp relief

Warmth goes a long way when it comes to cramps and a hot bath is always a good idea. It rejuvenates your body and makes you feel fresh. Also, it is always recommended to maintain proper hygiene during your periods. 

  • Yoga for stress relief

Yoga for period cramp - Cramp Relief Patch

We know moving around during periods can be a little demanding but yoga is really helpful when it comes to reducing fatigue. It helps by stretching your muscles and uterus which regulates your blood flow. Some light poses, with soothing music, can be a relieving experience.  

  • Proper hydration

Proper hydration - Cramp Relief Patch

Water is one of the best ways to keep fatigue at bay. Drink lots of water throughout the day as it will help you flush waste out of your system. You can also make yourself some cinnamon tea or ginger tea as both can help give relief from period pain.  

  • Unwind and relax

Relaxation - Cramp Relief Patch

When at home, always make the fullest of it. Unwind and withdraw from all the stress and give yourself that much needed break. Grab your favourite munchies, put on a heat patch, and watch some good movies to get you through the day.  

Work from home can be stressful sometimes and add periods to that, it can be a whole other story. But there are always ways to tackle it. Nua’s Cramp Comfort is designed to make sure that you can relax at home through work and periods, all the same. Get your pack right here.

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