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Top 4 safe sex practices for you and your partner

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Sex can be all sorts of things; it can be intimidating, scary, intimate and it can also be absolute fun! No matter what kind of sex you enjoy, always remember that sex needs to be safe. At Nua, we love safety and this World Aids Day, we want to share some safe sex practices with you!

Here are 4 safe sex practices for you and your partner to remember: 

Hygiene is hot

While it is important to have safe sex, it is equally important to clean up before and/or after sex. It is necessary to find a clean spot to have sex in. It is crucial to reconsider public washroom sex even in th heat of the moment. Afterall, we are talking about safe sex practices, right? You need to know that your genitals are sensitive organs, therefore prone to infection. In order for you to continue having great safe sex, you need to make sure you and your partner are clean each time. Else, either of you could get infections and that means no sex for a long time.

Contraception unless conception

Here’s a fact that most people know: contraceptives are 97% effective. Here’s something that most people often forget: sex without contracpetives is 0% effective. Unless you are trying to get pregnant, always use contraception. This is one of many safe sex practices to avoid pregnancy, it also keeps STIs away. You can learn about the different kinds of contraceptives here to find the right one for you and your partner.

Stimulation > Sex

Sometimes, you don’t need to have sex. Studies show that sex is only as fun as the level of stimulation you reach. There are so many other things that you could do to your partner like touching, massaging, kissing, etc. You could even introduce toys in the bedroom. Then there is roleplay, foreplay, all kinds of play. You’re welcome 🙂

Talk to your doctor

As long as you are having sex, you are exposing your genitals to infections and allergies, so make it a point to consult a doctor every 6 months, even if you follow safe sex practices. The World Health Organization suggests that sexually active individuals should get tested for STDs every 6 months. If you feel shy, here’s a manual on going to a gynaecologist. Remember that safe sex starts with you. 

It is World Aids Day, an initiative that reminds the world that STDs take over a million lives every year. At Nua, we want you to be aware of this and we want you to know how to practice safe sex and provide you with safe sex practices that you could follow. We wish you wellness and happiness. 

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