Introducing Nua Flow: A series of guides to answer all your questions

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You are probably reading this because you are like us – a little interested but not sure exactly where to look. Or maybe you know where to look but not sure where to start! It’s okay. Either way, you are here and we have just the right thing for you.

We present to you Nua Flow – a comprehensive series of guides where we not only talk about our anatomy but everything that goes into making us; right from the core body parts to menstrual and sexual health. 

Drawing from our intention to create dialogue around women’s health and to open a safe space for our community, we realised that we had to do more. While our blog does give you some profound insights through expert articles and personal stories, and our social media pages are engaging in conversation with you, we wanted to introduce something that is more personal and educational.

Be it in the comfort of your own home, or with a few friends cuddled together, or maybe while taking a break from study or work, there is always a good time to understand one’s own body.

It is important for us women and girls to be aware of what goes on inside us, why we feel the way we do, and how we can take care of ourselves. And those are exactly the questions the guides will answer.

Nua Flow is about developing our language about our body – one that is kind, nurturing, informative, and sometimes a little fun!

So, without any further delay, read our first Guide right here.

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