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What it’s like to have Endometriosis

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I always had a terribly painful period. It felt like there was a balloon inside me that was constantly expanding and contracting. The cramps were crippling. When I got my period, day one was – me, my heating pad, painkillers and sleep – a routine that had come in the way of life so many times. I remember biting into a towel once, my cramps were that painful. I was always told, well periods are painful. It’s just how it is. So, I assumed that I just have a painful period.

I was once driving home after meeting a friend. I felt a terrible amount of shooting pain in my stomach. I drove home in one piece, took a painkiller and this time, it did not work. After waiting for a while, the doctor was called home to give me a painkiller injection, which was of no avail either. After this, the doctor said this is not a normal amount of pain. This is when I learned about endometriosis.

I had a chocolate cyst attached to my ovary. It was about the size of a tennis ball. I was told that I had a retrograde period, meaning some of the blood actually went back up and collected into a cyst on my ovary. A surgery was then scheduled to remove this endometriosis cyst. Since then, I have been put on a medicine that prevents periods. While this may sound like a total plus, and it feels like it most times, I was also told that it might be slightly harder for me to conceive and let me tell you, I want all the babies in the world!

This has been my journey with endometriosis. I would genuinely advice all my Nua women to not take pain lightly. A regular check in with your gynaecologist is essential. Don’t wait as I did!

Whenever I do get a period, which is mostly a little bit of spotting, the Nua light pads are my absolute go-to. Try them, you’re going to fall in love!  

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