Postpartum period- Everything you need to know
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Postpartum period- Everything you need to know

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The 9-month break has ended! Your first period after your delivery is coming; here’s what you should expect from your postpartum period:

When will you get it?

If you’re breastfeeding, the timing could vary during hormonal changes that affect the reproductive cycle. Some women don’t get their period at all during the breastfeeding period. If you’re not breastfeeding, your first period could arrive in 6-8 weeks after the delivery.

Lochia v/s Period

Whether you deliver vaginally or through cesarean, you will see blood and vaginal discharge for about 6 weeks after delivery. Your body will continue to shed the tissue that lined your uterus while you were pregnant. This discharge is called Lochia. It starts off dark red and full of clots and slowly turns pink and then clear.

If you see bright, red bleeding after about 6 weeks from delivery, that will most likely be your period.

How will my period be?

1) There are no norms when it comes to the postpartum period.

2) Your cycle could change:

Your flow could be heavier or lighter than it was before. The cramps could also be more or less painful.

3) Your period could start of irregular, but will slowly come back to normal.
This is affected by the uterus going back to its original size, hormonal changes prompted by breastfeeding and other factors.

When to go see a doctor:

If your period starts interfering with your ability to go about your day, you must see your doctor. Look out for these symptoms:

  1. Extremely heavy flow
  2. Fever
  3. Bleeding for more than a week
  4. Severe headache
  5. Breathlessness
  6. Pain while urinating
  7. Extremely large clots

Have any more questions? Post them in the comments section below. Your postnatal period could be light, medium or heavy. Whatever it might be, we’ve got you covered. Customise your Nua pack right here today!

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