5 ways to enjoy Holi during your periods
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5 ways to enjoy Holi during your periods

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As colourful as it gets, Holi is one of the most awaited festivals in our country. But the truth is playing with colours in Holi and experiencing periods at the same time can go hand in hand. It’s almost you are painting yourself in red while painting the town in red, quite literally.  But like everything else, this too is in your control. You can have periods and enjoy a happy Holi in the way you want to. 

So, here are 5 ways to make sure you have a Happy Holi even on your periods:

1. Mark the date

As we have always said, make sure that you are tracking your periods so that you are aware of your symptoms and recognize what your body needs. We have created a list of Period Tracking Apps for you; you can download any one of them and ensure that you keep a check. 

2. Switch to an auto-repeat plan

Yup! You can get an auto-repeat plan that will ensure  timely delivery of sanitary pads to your doorstep. You don’t want to rush to the stores to buy pads on Holi, you want to buy colours! So why not set up an auto-repeat plan for Nua’s Sanitary Pads and be sure to receive your pads on time. 

3. Keep a heat patch ready

Periods and cramps are like a free offer that you don’t want but still get. We understand that this is the time when your stomach really hurts and all you want to do is curl up in bed. Maybe you can take a little break from all the Holi games, put on a heat patch and rest. You can try out Nua’s Cramp Comfort, which keeps you warm for up to 8 hours. 

4. Talk to someone about it

There’s nothing to feel conscious about getting your periods on Holi. You might feel a little low and not quite up for all the dancing and playing but that’s okay! Let your close ones know that you would like to take it a little slow. And because they love you, they will give you the space you need.

5. Wear comfortable clothes

You don’t have to abide by the televised norm of wearing white on Holi. You can opt for any colour that you feel comfortable wearing. You can wear loose clothes so that your body has enough space to breathe and if you feel like it, you can change whenever you want to. 

The whole point of Holi is to laugh with the people you love. It is about celebrating the many colours of life and welcoming Spring. So even if that means you don’t want to get all hyped up, it is okay! You can welcome Spring the way you want to, even if that means watch the colours sprinkle in the sky from your balcony. 

For more tips on period management, read more here.

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