Choosing the right kind of sanitary pads for your daughter.
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A Parent’s Guide: Choosing the Right Sanitary Pad for Your Daughter

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As parents, we strive to provide our daughters with the best care and support during their journey into womanhood. One essential aspect of this journey is helping them choose the right sanitary pads. With a plethora of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make an informed decision. In this article, we will guide you through the factors to consider when selecting sanitary pads for your daughter, including absorbency, size, material, and comfort. By understanding these aspects, you can ensure that your daughter stays comfortable and confident throughout her menstrual cycle.


The primary function of a sanitary pad is to absorb menstrual flow effectively. When choosing the right pad for your daughter, consider her flow intensity. If her flow is light to moderate, thinner pads with lower absorbency levels might be suitable. On the other hand, for heavier flows, pads with higher absorbency are recommended. At Nua, we are proud to offer pads with a 50% wider back, which helps prevent leakage. Some pads also come with special features like gel-based technology that enhances absorption and provides additional protection against leakage.


The size of a sanitary pad plays a crucial role in providing comfort and preventing leaks. Encourage your daughter to choose a pad size that corresponds to her underwear size. The pad should cover the entire underwear’s width and extend from the front to the back. It’s important to note that different brands may have slight variations in size, so encourage your daughter to try a few options to find the one that fits her best.


The material of a sanitary pad affects its breathability and overall comfort. Look for pads made from breathable materials, which allow air circulation and help prevent irritation. Avoid pads with synthetic materials, artificial colors, prints, or fragrances, as they may cause discomfort or allergies. Organic and biodegradable options are also available for those seeking environmentally friendly alternatives.


Comfort is of utmost importance during menstruation. Pads should be designed to move with the body, minimizing discomfort and providing a secure fit. Some pads come with flexible wings that help prevent side leakage and keep the pad in place. Additionally, pads with a soft top layer provide a gentle and comfortable feel against the skin.

Trial and Error:

Remember that finding the perfect sanitary pad may require some trial and error. Encourage your daughter to try different brands and types to determine which ones suit her needs and preferences. Some brands offer assorted sizes in a single pad, allowing for experimentation without committing to a large supply.


Ensuring the safety and comfort of your daughter’s first period experience is our top priority at Nua. As a parent, you want to provide her with a sanitary pad that offers reliable protection and prioritizes her well-being. Our toxin-free approach sets us apart, with pads free from harmful chemicals like Phthalates, Dyes, and Fragrances, ensuring they are safe on her skin. Dermatologically tested and rash-free, our pads promote a comfortable period experience, free from any irritation. For added security, each pad is double-wrapped with individual Secure Shield Covers, ensuring hygiene and protection. Trust Nua to make her first period journey safe, comfortable, and worry-free.

Choosing the perfect sanitary pad for your daughter’s menstrual journey is a deeply personal and empowering decision. It’s an opportunity to prioritize her comfort, safety, and overall well-being. When considering the best options, Nua stands out with its three key positive aspects: protection against rashes, freedom from chemicals, and reliable leak-proof design. As a mother, you can feel confident that you’re offering her the best protection and comfort during this significant milestone.

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