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When we see our sisters, wives, mothers, daughters, friends and colleagues rise above a difficult situation, we wonder, where do they get their strength from? What’s their secret when they stare down a challenge? Is it a defense mechanism? A reaction to cover up insecurities? No – the courage is real. The strength is real. But so are the obstacles.


When it comes to women, you will hear many of them say that they are inspired by and get their strength from other women around them. The single moms, the working women, the stay-at-home moms, the passionate teenagers, the hardworking 20 somethings, the work-in-progress 30 somethings, the multi-taskers, the superwomen. Women that just don’t stop. Women who have made it clear that no matter what, giving up is not an option. Women who know that their heart that can summon up love at will. The kind of love that forgives, forgets, and is strong enough to be vulnerable.


This kind of strength, we’ve come to learn, comes from a resolve that is tested everyday. Whether it’s daily battles with perceptions, glass ceilings, or really, anybody with an unsolicited opinion. She knows that there’s more to her than what is visible from the outside. There’s more to her than her pain, her doubts, her discomfort.

She is #BiggerThan it all.

By Vijay Subramani and Sharana Jhangiani

Sharana Jhangiani
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Sharana looks after Nua's content and community team. She loves traveling, learning new dance forms, and is obsessed with wildlife, particularly elephants. On most Sundays, you can find her with her nose in a book at Kala Ghoda Cafe in Mumbai. She is also a self-proclaimed storyteller, but most people want her to stop talking.
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