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Periods and I: our men share their story

August 13, 2020
Periods and I: our men share their story

As children, we are often taught that some things no matter how normal or natural, should not be spoken about. Especially when it comes to periods. Some of us grow up in families where no matter how close we are to our fathers or brothers, the topic of periods is always ignored. As a teenager, I often had to rely on my friends to buy me pads since due to my irregular periods, I didn’t always have them in stock.…

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“Period B
Debunking Myths Menstrual Health

Myth: “Period blood is dirty”

You may have heard this statement a million times before but we assure you that there’s no truth to it. Menstruating is a normal bodily function and hence, period blood is as clean as any other blood running through your body. Don’t let anybody…

April 14, 2020
Image of an ancient Egyptian woman in a kemetic yoga pose
Community Debunking Myths

Revealing the history of the sanitary pad

Speak about the history of the sanitary pad or the evolution of the sanitary pad – and mention must be made of Herodotus, a Greek historian who is also grandly known as ‘the Father of History’. So, it’s hardly surprising that the history of…

February 14, 2018