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5 ways to prevent Urinary Tract Infections

May 5, 2020
5 ways to prevent UTIs

Have you ever experienced that burning sensation when you pass urine? Or that annoying and frequent urge to pee but very little comes out? Or those fever and chills that all point to having a UTI? According to this article, 4 in 10 women experience UTIs and women are far more likely to get them than men due to our shorter urethra that enables the bacteria to travel faster. But that doesn’t mean we should live with it. Here are…

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Vaginal Odour – Everything you need to know!
UTI Vaginal Health

Vaginal Odour – Everything you need to know!

You asked, we’ve brought you the scoop – all about vaginal odour, read on! First things first, it’s normal for you to have a vaginal smell. However, a strong, unpleasant vaginal odour could indicate poor hygiene or even an infection. A clean vagina is…

September 16, 2018