Community Asks: All about large breasts
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Community Asks: All about large breasts

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Breasts can vary in size or shape for several reasons – genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and certain medical conditions. One such variant is large breasts that are often heavy as well. The definition of large varies for each woman; there is no official designation. Research suggests that anything size equal or larger than a D cup or 40 UK/Indian qualifies as large.

I have uneven breasts. What can I do about this?

It is common that both breasts are not the same size. There is nothing to worry about. It is due to the uneven deposition of fat in both breasts that give them this appearance.
But if it is really bothering you, there are a few options for better management such as

  • i) external breast prosthesis,
  • ii) breast implants, and
  • iii) breast reductions.

For all, please consult a doctor.

My large breasts make it hard to exercise. Are there certain ones I can avoid?

Large breasts can unfortunately come in the way of any workout routine. Their heaviness can make it difficult to do cardio like running, jogging, skipping and jumping jacks as they bounce with the momentum your body generates. While doing push ups and planks, your upper body also can get strained. Purchasing a properly fitted sports bra that is sized for your body and breasts, can solve your problems, but if your breasts are too large, you might still be uncomfortable during an exercise routine.

Is it possible to reduce my breast size? 

Large breasts are considered as an asset by some women, but for others it can be frustrating due to constant neck and back pain, or even cosmetic concerns if their appearance is uneven. You could try some natural methods to reduce fat in your body through exercises such as swimming, push ups and weights and following a diet. Breast massages can also help.

If none of these work, you can opt for breast reduction surgery. Talk to a plastic surgeon to know if you are the right candidate for the surgery and what you can expect post-operation.

What is the best bra fit for someone who has large breasts?

Remember that a big bust needs a firm bra but should be comfortable no matter the size.
i) A wide and firm back provides support for the whole bust, so make sure your bra has at least 3 hooks vertically at the back.
ii) The shoulder straps are responsible for about 20% of the bra’s support, so choose a bra that has wide shoulder straps to relieve stress from that area.
iii) Opt for a full cup as it covers the breast and provides support to avoid spillage when you lean forward. Some cups with extra lift support help to raise a heavy bust, and some with side support centre the breasts towards the middle.
iv) Finally, an underwired bra has in-built wires that provide support and help to lift and shape the bust.

How can one reduce the appearance of saggy breasts?

Saggy breasts or breast ptosis can occur due to many reasons such as multiple pregnancies, smoking, having large breasts, being overweight, experiencing extreme weight loss, menopause etc. Exercises that focus on the chest are recommended to improve the posture like pushups, swimming, bench presses and arm curls. A healthy diet can also help the skin around your breasts be firm and strong. A well fitted bra can be your saviour as well.

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