Community Asks: The science behind stretch marks
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Community Asks: The science behind stretch marks

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Stretch marks are scars that look like lines on the skin. Usually, they have a veiny or branched appearance. They are completely normal but if you’re struggling with their appearance, this is what you need to know about whether you can find a solution on how to remove stretch marks permanently.

what are stretch marks?

Known as striae, they are prominent and at times deep stretch marks that can develop anywhere on the body. Although they don’t hurt or pose a health risk, some people dislike the way it makes their skin look.

Appearance of stretch marks

Deep stretch marks are most likely to appear in places that store large amounts of fat. They can be due to a variety of reasons but stretching of the skin is the root cause of stretch marks. It breaks down collagen and elastin in your skin. This causes the blood vessels below our skin to show, resulting in red marks. 

Identify stretch marks

Depending on your skin tone and how long they’ve been around, they come in a variety of hues. While older deep stretch marks are typically white or light grey, newer are typically pink, crimson, or purple. For women, they appear around the breasts, buttocks, hips, belly, or other parts of the body. Pregnant women frequently experience these, particularly in the final trimester. and they are called by different names.

Causes of stretch marks

A few causes that contribute to stretch marks are:

  • Genetics
  • The level of skin tension in your body
  • Fluctuations in the body’s cortisol levels
  • Drastic weight changes in a short period
  • Growth spurts and muscle building
Deep stretch marks only experienced by women?

Anyone can develop stretch marks but factors such as gender, skin type, genetics, consumption of certain medications, and the usage of corticosteroid creams can increase a person’s susceptibility to developing stretch marks. They affect skin collagen levels and elasticity.

treating stretch marks

During pregnancy, try maintaining healthy weight gain across all trimesters. 

Eat foods high in Vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. 

Control weight gain or loss with regular exercise and water intake.

Moisturize your skin with thick creams and lotions.

reduce visibility of stretch marks

For developed stretch marks, massages to stimulate circulation and help cell growth can reduce their visibility. You can use olive oil, vitamin E oil, and silicon-based gels that can help with marks. In addition to massages, you can also try topical creams commonly available in the market. Ingredients like tretinoin and hyaluronic acid also help the visibility of stretch marks.

removing deep stretch marks

How to remove stretch marks permanently is not an easy question to answer. There is no way to completely get rid of stretch marks. There are a few professional treatments you can undergo to reduce them but they will not vanish. A medical professional can tell you which of these procedures would suit your skin the most and yield the best results.

Over the years, the attitude towards stretch marks has changed. These tiger stripes on our bodies remind us of the skin’s incredible mechanism to heal itself after childbirth, weight loss after managing obesity and even fighting the body’s hormonal levels. For all the hard work your body does to keep you safe, don’t feel embarrassed for having stretch marks and look for ways on how to remove them permanently. Love them and wear them with pride.

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