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Deepika Padukone wants you to #GoWithYourFlow

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Just like the days of the week, no period is the same. And no one knows that better than Deepika Padukone! Juggling multiple things at once can be tough, even more so when your on your period, but that’s the right time to listen to your body and have the right Nua products to help you #GoWithYourFlow – literally! 

Watch how Deepika Padukone does it:

Nua customisable Sanitary Pad packs have 3 flow-based options for you to build your pack for upto 3 months and have them delivered to your doorstep to help you #GoWithYourFlow.

We know how tough it can be to manage your periods and their symptoms, but with Nua range of period care products, we want to make the task a bit easier for you! Shop it all here.

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